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BP liked Obama, but oil stained Palin's hands too

Sarah Palin suggested on Fox News Sunday that there was something unusual and sinister about oil industry donations to President Obama's campaign. We looked into it.   

PolitiFact audits three tax claims

As the deadline to file tax forms approached, politicians talked taxes and we checked their math.

Checking Palin's claims from Tea Party

We fact-check some of Sarah Palin's claims from her speech to the Tea Party convention and her weekend interviews.

PolitiFact's Five Surprising "True" ratings

With our Lie of the Year, we focused on the biggest falsehoods of 2009. But we also want to highlight our findings at the other end of the Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact's Lie of the Year: 'Death panels'

Sarah Palin's claim about the health care bill is the top choice of PolitiFact editors -- and readers.

Climate change e-mails and Copenhagen

We review the controversy over hacked e-mails and check the facts of the climate change skeptics.

Fact-checking new claims in the Sarah Palin book

We examine Sarah Palin's claims on the Reagan recession, cap and trade and the McCain tactics on ACORN.

Fact-checking Sarah Palin as she goes 'Rogue'

We examine Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue and put it to the Truth-O-Meter.

'Rationing' and other scare words in health debate

Opponents of the health care reform bills in Congress have unleashed a slew of scare words into the debate.

Palin 'death panel' claim sets Truth-O-Meter ablaze

Palin spins a dystopian scenario where the elderly and disabled must petition for care. But that's not part of any actual health care legislation.

Summer flip-flops

We crank up our Flip-O-Meter and award two Full Flops — one to President Obama and one to Sarah Palin.

Palin says thanks but no thanks for stimulus money

The Alaska governor says she turned down the money because of federal building code requirements. But we find the federal requirements aren't what she claims.

Castro on McCain and "the rifle lady"

With an eye on Cuban-American voters in Florida, John McCain claims Fidel Castro is no fan.

Tips and tricks for using PolitiFact

In the final hours before election day, we provide some inside tips on how to find what you want on PolitiFact.

Campaigns dig into the archives to attack

The race is tight and the campaigns are digging deeper for the dirt.

Hooey in St. Louie

The candidates for vice president meet in St. Louis. We check their facts.

Victim in rape ad not from Palin's town

A new TV ad from Planned Parenthood against Sarah Palin includes a rape victim. But she is not from Wasilla.

The Palin 'rape kit' controversy

Bloggers contend Palin supported a city policy that charged sexual assault victims for forensic exams. We find the truth is murky.

Palin's pipeline - less than meets the eye

It was her biggest goal as governor, and she took a few steps down the road. But this pipeline is still a bit of a pipe dream.

Sarah in the spotlight

We fact-check statements from Sarah Palin's first major news interview since being named the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party.