Articles from April, 2014

What we know about the NSA surveillance program

Former NSA boss Keith Alexander said this week that, "We’re not just out there gathering U.S. communications, listening to their phone calls, or collecting their emails." PunditFact reviews the evidence.

Political pundits err in talk about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Political pundits turned from health care to basketball last week to discuss news surrounding racist comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. But they didn’t always have their facts straight.

Fact-checking the April 27 news shows

Pundits spun a Supreme Court decision about affirmative action and talk about Elizabeth Warren into claims about income inequality. 

Elizabeth Warren tops Sunday guest list, will she run in 2016?

Elizabeth Warren insists she isn't running for president in 2016, but we've heard that talk plenty before. How will she answer the question Sunday on ABC's This Week?

7 things pundits got wrong about health care

We've checked seven statements from pundits about the health care law in the past 30 days. No one said anything close to true.

Is IRS Obama's Watergate?

Fox's George Will says the IRS' practice of scrutinizing tea party groups applying for nonprofit status rises to the level of Watergate. We review the evidence.

What's old is new again: Fact-checking claims about the Civil War and slavery

Pundits have gone back into history to make several claims recently about slavery and the Civil War.

Fact-checking the April 13 news shows

Laura Ingraham and James Carville debated the Affordable Care Act on ABC's "This Week."

The RAND health insurance report: A guide

A RAND survey on the insurance market has been quoted selectively. Our guide shows what it really said.

PunditFact partners with The Daily Beast

Starting Sunday April 13, The Daily Beast will begin publishing PunditFact’s analysis of the weekly Sunday news shows. The analysis, which also will be available on, has become a staple of PunditFact’s weekly work.

And the PunditFact Madness winner is ...

After more than 3,500 votes, we have the winner in our first-ever PunditFact Madness bracket challenge. Donna Brazile takes home the top prize.

Fact-checking the April 6 news shows

A pair of politicians debated gun policies on military bases in the wake of the second Fort Hood shooting, while a conservative pundit wanted to talk Obamacare poll numbers.

Sunday preview: Fort Hood, CIA interrogation report and campaign money

Once again, Fort Hood was the scene of a deadly rampage. It raises troubling questions for the military and psychological toll of war.

PunditFact Madness Final: Brazile vs. Roberts

You narrowed the field down from 16 to the final 2 -- Donna Brazile and Cokie Roberts. Now pick your favorite.

PunditFact Madness Final 4

Just four pundits remain in our first-ever bracket challenge. Vote for your favorites now.