PunditFact partners with The Daily Beast

PunditFact is announcing a new partnership with The Daily Beast.
PunditFact is announcing a new partnership with The Daily Beast.

PunditFact is expanding its fact-checking reach through a new partnership with The Daily Beast.

Starting Sunday, April 13, The Daily Beast will publish PunditFact’s analysis of the weekly Sunday news shows. The analysis, which also will be available on PunditFact.com, is a staple of PunditFact’s weekly work.

"We’ve been looking for new ways to share our work, and The Daily Beast feels like a great fit," PunditFact editor Aaron Sharockman said. "The Daily Beast has become a place known for seeking out the truth in politics, and we’re excited to add fact-checking in to the mix."

The content-sharing agreement allows PunditFact to reach a new audience.

"The Daily Beast is looking forward to partnering with PunditFact," Daily Beast Editor in Chief John Avlon said. "We believe in fact-based debates and never confuse non-partisanship with being neutral. Accountability is in especially short supply among pundits. The Daily Beast can help amplify PunditFact’s voice while delivering our readers a new way to separate fact from partisan fiction as election season kicks into high gear." 

PunditFact launched in November 2013 and is a project of the Tampa Bay Times and the Poynter Institute. PunditFact is dedicated to checking the accuracy of claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers, political analysts, the hosts and guests of talk shows, and other members of the media.

Its sister site, PolitiFact, won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for its coverage of the 2008 presidential election.