Articles from February, 2014

Sunday shows will feature military cuts, Oscars

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel comes to Face the Nation, and actor and director Ben Affleck joins This Week.

We're joining reddit, and we need your help

PunditFact is reaching out to redditors to help find facts to check.

Fact-checking the Feb. 23 news shows

Much of the talk Sunday focused on the events in Ukraine.

Feb. 23 Sunday shows to feature Kiev, George W. Bush

The Washington talk shows look outward this weekend with the focus on protests in Ukraine. Plus, interviews with former President George W. Bush, a Scandal star, and the cutest DCist around, Bao Bao the giant panda. 

Where the words 'subhuman mongrel' came from

Ted Nugent recently called President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel." CNN's Wolf Blitzer took to the airwaves to reveal the troubling roots of those words.

Fact-checking the Feb. 16 news shows

Pundits talked about climate change and the minimum wage on the Sunday shows.

Sunday shows to dish on Michael Sam, extreme weather, 'House of Cards'

Without much news to analyze from the Capitol, the news shows plan to broaden their focus to sports, entertainment and the weather on Sunday. Don't worry, wonks: There will be foreign policy and economic talk, too. And PunditFact will be watching for fact-checks.

Just how many jobs will the Keystone pipeline bring?

CNN's Van Jones offered a number, based on a report, and it's low. How low?

Fact-checking the Feb. 9 news shows

Pundits talked about the Sochi Olympics and a report from the Congressional Budget Office about the health care law.

Sunday shows turn to Sochi, CBO report on Obamacare

Pundits and politicians appearing on the Feb. 9 Sunday shows will talk about security concerns with the Olympic games in Russia and what a new nonpartisan report says about the health care law's impact on job creation. 

Who the sports pundits picked to win the Super Bowl

Seahawks or Broncos? The sports pundits offered their prediction Sunday ... and we're keeping score.

Super Bowl facts, falsehoods

We decided to check in on the sports pundits ahead of the big game between Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.