Articles from May, 2014

Who's on the June 1 shows? Your Sunday lookahead

Your first look at the Sunday shows.

No, there isn't a federal Zombie Apocalypse Plan

Sarah Palin told her 4.2 million Facebook fans that the federal government is paying for a Zombie Apocalypse Plan. But it's not what you might think.

Ed Schultz on the Truth-O-Meter

PunditFact has fact-checked MSNBC host Ed Schultz nine times. The liberal talking head has yet to receive a rating above Half True. 

Fact-checking claims about Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new memoir about her time heading the State Department arrives in a couple weeks, further fueling the "will-she-won’t-she?" chatter surrounding her potential 2016 presidential bid.

Fact-checking claims about the VA wait lists

Allegations about secret wait lists and delays for veterans seeking care at VA facilities around the country have begun to reverberate in Washington.

Fact-checking the May 18 news shows

Fox panelists wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton's brain, while California Gov. Jerry Brown took on climate change on ABC.

Sept. 11 memorial in Sunday spotlight

The May 18 shows will feature former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Cheneys and more.

HBO's Oliver is right: Mitch McConnell isn't a 'homegrown Kentucky girl'

HBO's John Oliver used the Truth-O-Meter during a bit about the Kentucky Senate race.

Fact-checking the May 11 news shows

George Will wanted to talk about light bulbs on "Fox News Sunday."

Chuck Hagel, Robert Gates, Marco Rubio coming to May 11 Sunday shows

The spotlight is on Nigeria, Benghazi and Ukraine this Sunday, though the Department of Veterans Affairs is also in the news.

ID bracelets for gun owners? Sarah Palin gets it wrong

In her speech to the NRA, 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said the White House wants to force gun owners to wear "special bracelets that would identify you as a gun owner." We review the evidence.

Fact-checking the May 4 news shows

You can't accuse the traditional media of ignoring the investigation into the response to the U.S. consulate attack in Beghazi, Libya, on Sunday.

Talk of Donald Sterling, Benghazi on tap for May 4 Sunday shows

The pundits will have plenty to chew on in the widely rebuked remarks on a leaked voicemail by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, new Benghazi emails and mixed April jobs numbers. Plus, Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears on Meet the Press.