Articles from December, 2015

Donald Trump responds to Lie of the Year, says he's ‘been proven right’

Hours after seeing his campaign statements named the 2015 Lie of the Year, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump took aim at PolitiFact, calling us a "totally left-wing group." Read the Lie of the Year

PolitiFact fact-checks the Dec. 20 Sunday shows

Meet the Press dissects the Democratic debate on ABC with Donald Trump and the upcoming year in Congress with House Speaker Paul Ryan.   FACT-CHECKING THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

Why Trump's Muslim ban isn't like Jimmy Carter's actions on Iranians

Contrary to some opinion-writers, Jimmy Carter's actions during the Iran hostage crisis have some significant differences with what Donald Trump is proposing.

PunditFact fact-checks the Dec. 13 shows

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio sat down with NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd in a wide-ranging interview about gay marriage, surveillance and the fight against ISIS.   PolitiFact partnering with NBC News for 2016 elections

PolitiFact fact-checks the Dec. 6 Sunday shows

As the president prepared a nationwide address, pundits and politicians batted around the pros and cons of gun control as a way of fighting terrorism within the United States.

PunditFact previews the Dec. 6 Sunday shows

An early look at who will be on the Sunday shows this week.

Fact-checking Bill Maher on cancer drug price hikes

Bill Maher says what Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli did to jack up the cost of a cancer drug isn't unique for that industry.