Promise Kept rulings on the Linc-O-Meter

Examine a 1-percent sales tax on items currently exempt from sales tax

"Rather than forcing our property taxes to rise across Rhode Island, we should carefully examine a two-tier sales tax. Other states have this system and it is working."

Repeal Governor Carcieri's executive order on illegal immigration

"My plan is to make that one of my first acts as governor, to repeal Governor Carcieri's executive order [on immigration]. The whole thing. It just doesn't work, and it's divisive. If it's not the first decision, it will be one of the first."

Direct Economic Development Corporation to develop plans for small and medium size businesses

"I will instruct the director of the EDC to develop a small and medium size business service plan within 30 days."

Make group health benefits available to independent workers

"I will present legislation that will make group health benefits available to independent workers, as they are in New York."

Stop "dramatic reductions in funding" to state colleges and university

"I will submit a budget proposal to start protecting our higher education assets. We will stop the dramatic reductions in funding to CCRI, Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island."

Hold a budget summit during transition period

"I will hold a budget summit. I will hold a budget summit with all stakeholders within the transition period."

Issue executive order on ethics on first day in office

"I will issue a strong executive order on ethics on my first day of office. I will attack the culture of corruption and cronyism that hinders job creation starting on my first day in office. I will demand the highest standards of appropriate behavior. This executive order will designate one individual as the contact person for all state and municipal employees, as well as private citizens, to contact with concerns about unethical behavior involving state and local government."

Reform and redirect loan guarantee fund for economic development

"I will introduce legislation to reform and redirect the $125 million Loan Guarantee Fund."

Will create more open and competitive procurement process at the state and municipal levels

My administration will also update the prices in the state’s Master Pricing List and make it accessible to municipalities. This will create a more open and competitive procurement process, resulting in an economy of scale that will benefit taxpayers at both the municipal and state levels.

Will protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Chafee "supports . . . non-discrimination policies and laws, repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, freedom of gender expression . . "

Expand hate crimes legislation to include sexual orientation and gender identity of victim

Chafee "supports hate crimes legislation in Rhode Island" [which has already been achieved federally and] designed to include feedom of gender expression."

Support same-sex marriage, support repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

"If Chafee were elected governor, he would not only sign marriage equality legislation, but would champion it. In his own words from a 2009 op-ed in the Huffington Post, 'To me, the issue of same-sex marriage boils down to a question of basic fairness ... Rhode Island legislators should follow in the footsteps of our fellow New England states and be true to our pioneering history of tolerance by advancing a marriage equality bill.' "

Support anti-bullying legislation, protect gay, bisexual and transgender youths in schools

Chafee "supports . . . protecting [gay, bisexual and transgender] youth from bullying and harassment."

Review all state leases of commercial office space

"Launch a thorough, case-by-case review of all 33 leases currently held by the state in commercial office buildings."

Simplify business tax system

"We will take action to simplify the business tax system and plan for a sustainable state budget."