Articles from November, 2010

Fact checking "Decision Points"

We're still deciding here in Texas what statements to test from President George W. Bush's memoir, but PolitiFact National has already checked a claim the 43rd Commander in Chief made while promoting his book.

Shacking up: Social Security & Ponzi schemes

In the past few months, PolitiFact has explored claims likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme. Strong reader interest in our look at the topic — 100-plus comments on the PolitiFact Facebook page — reminds us that Social Security draws heat.

Jon Stewart: "What has you, governor, fed up?"

That's what the Daily Show host asked Gov. Rick Perry last night. In explaining, Perry recycles some talking points we've already checked.

Mailbag: "You are clearly out of your league."

After months of sifting through campaign mailers and press releases, it's time to pay attention to some other letters we've received...

Rick Perry takes on Washington... state

The Seattle Times scoffs at Gov. Rick Perry's letter courting Washington state business leaders — "Thanks a bunch, Rick" — and Perry thanks them right back.

Reader hits were topped by a faulty shot at Rick Perry

The No. 1 article on our website of late? A flawed shot at Gov. Rick Perry, who sailed to re-election Tuesday. But this fall's PolitiFact Texas Top 15 reflects statements by and about other political figures too...

Perry and White twirl with the Texas Truth-O-Meter

GOP Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic challenger Bill White have kept the PolitiFact Texas Truth-O-Meter clicking--or would that be reeling? Hence, an Election Eve flashback to some of their True, False and Pants on Fire statements...