Articles from October, 2010

Caller: How would you vote (just 'tween us and the Truth-O-Meter)?

Our latest article on U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett's charge that GOP challenger Donna Campbell has called for an end to federal education aid pivots on how she answered a caller's question to a public-access cable TV show--but it's not our only article based on ayes and nays...

Big-as-Texas job gains and number o' unemployed

Gov. Rick Perry's favorite number: 850,000, which he touts as the Texas jobs added on his watch. Democratic challenger Bill White floats a different doozy: 1 million--nearly the number of unemployed Texans early this year. Conflicting job claims often test the Texas Truth-O-Meter...

My opponent is... RICH!

A quarter century ago, legislative hopeful Rick Perry of Haskell filed paperwork with the state indicating he was worth about $13,000. By 2009, we figure, Gov. Perry was worth a little more than $1 million. That is, his net worth increased 77-fold in 24 years. Why care? Well, how politicians make money is often an attack point — sometimes clear-cut enough for the Truth-O-Meter.

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Chain e-mails keep the Truth-O-Meter in flames

A Democrat, a Libertarian and a Green walk into a room...

It's an, um, taxing tale, but as expected, Gov. Rick Perry didn't show up to Tuesday night's one-and-done gubernatorial debate (video at right). Compliments of Bill White, Kathie Glass and Deb Shafto, we picked up on claims that we've checked before.

Guv candidates each spend an hour in the hot seat

It wasn't quite a debate, though Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic nominee Bill White each sat under the bright lights last week and aired claims that have already faced the Truth-O-Meter.

The Truth-O-Meter follows Texas politicos on Twitter

Bill White says Rick Perry told students organizing a gubernatorial forum that he couldn't attend due to a scheduling conflict. Then the day of the event, Perry tweeted that he'd enjoyed a rare morning off by going for a run with the dog. White's move? A re-tweet, of course.

Candidates use and abuse numbers to make a point

An $18 billion budget shortfall plus $1.7 billion in operating losses plus 850,000 jobs adds up to fodder for the Truth-O-Meter.

Aw shucks, Rick Perry blasted Washington while signing request for billions, Back to Basics ad says

In a fresh video advertisement from the Back to Basics political action committee, a folksy-sounding narrator depicts Texas Gov. Rick Perry as inconsisent about what the governor often characterizes as bad ol' Washington. The ad brings up what we've written about before — that in 2009, Perry asked President Barack Obama to forward congressionally-approved economic stimulus money.

Jason Isaac fires off flawed "largest tax increase" claim

Jason Isaac of Dripping Springs, the Republican challenging Democratic state Rep. Patrick Rose, calls the incumbent a "liberal thorn" in a video advertisement posted online this week. In the spot, Isaac levels charges we have not reviewed plus one we found very familiar about the "largest tax increase" in Texas history.

Bill White mystifies Rick Perry—my friends

Bill White, the most interesting man in the world? That's not quite Gov. Rick Perry's take in a video ad we've also heard on the radio. Playing on the jaunty Dos Equis ad campaign, Perry closes a list of recycled claims with a final jab about White not making public his tax returns from years he was deputy U.S. energy secretary: "When you run for governor, hide your tax releases, my friends."

Back to Basics ad demands Rick Perry face Texans and debate

And it targets the guv with some old ammo.

Passports, please

Whether it's justifying or attacking Arizona's immigration law, or making the case for improved security on the Texas-Mexico border, elected officials have kept us busy checking claims about violence on our southern border.