Articles from September, 2010

Rick Perry assails Bill White with three ads salted with familiar charges

In case Texans were forlorn about missing out on TV ad wars raging in other states, GOP Gov. Rick Perry popped three new 30-second spots this week painting his Democratic opponent, Bill White, as having been a spendthrift, even unethical mayor of Houston. We've confirmed that one of them has run in Austin; we're not sure if or where (or how often) the ads are running otherwise. Filling the airwaves or not, the ads float new charges we have not reviewed and hammer a few criticisms PolitiFact Texas has heard before...  

Mailbag: "Would my pants be on fire if..."

Nov. 2 looms — OK, it's about 50 days away — which means our mailbox (and our Facebook page) is piling up with campaign fodder. In the pile are more statements to test, and, naturally, more mail from you.