Articles from April, 2011

In interview, Cornyn revisits fact-checked statements

During a lengthy conversation with the Texas Tribune, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas touched on at least four claims previously run through the Truth-O-Meter.

Texas lawmaker questions Obama’s long-form birth certificate

In a move to end "birther" claims that he wasn’t born in the United States, President Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate Wednesday. State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, remained skeptical.

Ron Paul’s PolitiFact report card

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has launched a presidential exploratory committee. We’ve previously explored several statements by the outspoken Republican.

Perry-O-Meter: Guv kept education funds promise

With $830 million in federal education aid poised to flow into the state, the Perry-O-Meter tilted to Promise Kept on a pledge by the Texas governor to work with the U.S. Education Department to secure that money for schools.

Sifting pokes at Rick Perry plus a toxic warning

President Obama’s interview with a Texas reporter and a poke at Gov. Rick Perry by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tickled the Truth-O-Meter last week. We also pondered the costs of cancer and whether Austin’s water has a dash of added toxicity. To the Flashback...

Less than 20 months to the next presidential election

Boy howdy LBJ, we’re already edging toward the 2012 presidential election judging from a March claim that snagged our attention. We took up GOP prospect Mitch Daniels’ riposte that government workers in 41 states fare better than the taxpayers who support them. Of course, many possible candidates also are fair game for the Truth-O-Meter.

How is that Barely True?

True: Readers sometimes question our conclusions. Maybe this will help. We’ve just posted an explanation of the Truth-O-Meter ratings to our home page.

Truth-O-Meter takes on DWI costs, budget warnings

Two "what-if" warnings and a compensation snapshot per the state’s thousand-plus school superintendents fluttered the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week. To the Flashback...

Superintendents’ pay means salary — plus perks

State Rep. Stefani Carter’s claim that the Beaumont school district has the state’s highest-paid superintendent caught our attention. Really? Our own spot-check — taking into account salaries plus benefits — revealed that at the least, the leaders of the Houston and Dallas districts get more ...

Fact-checking claims about concealed handguns

Textbooks? Check. Handgun? That prospect’s being debated at the Texas Capitol as lawmakers consider legislation allowing guns on campus--plus, we now read, a proposal letting legislators and others tote concealed weapons anywhere.

Readers favored beer and college statements

Our fact-checks about college tuition and the craft beer industry were reader favorites last week. We also checked how many Texas college students arrive academically unprepared and whether an Austin elementary school is rooted in the Texas Constitution.

How likely are you to be struck by lightning?

State Rep. Van Taylor says you're more likely to get zapped than to be shot by a concealed handgun license holder. We weren't so sure.

Check, please? Our tab on alcohol-related claims

When San Antonio state Rep. Mike Villarreal recently piped up about the growth of the craft beer industry, he stepped into familiar Truth-O-Meter terrain.

McCaul’s explosive claim was readers' favorite

Our review of U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul’s comment about terrorists putting explosives into baby dolls was a reader favorite last week. But we also checked eye-catching statements by Sen. John Cornyn and state Rep. Sylvester Turner.