Articles from August, 2011

Mailbag: Social Security as a Ponzi scheme

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, stumping for president, has revived his description of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, a claim we rated False last year. It seems timely to share fresh reader missives per our judgment.

Rick Perry stands by book

According to an Aug. 28, 2011, Houston Chronicle news report, Gov. Rick Perry isn’t backing off his latest book. Good to know; "Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington" just helped us complete a fact check of Bloomberg pundit Margaret Carlson’s claim about Perry’s stances on Social Security, Medicaid and the federal income tax.

Rick Perry airs 2010 "lie of year" in fund-raising pitch

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, leading the field for the Republican presidential nomination in a recent Gallup poll, recently dispatched a fund-raising letter touching on some claims we’ve reviewed — including the PolitiFact National 2010 Lie of the Year.

Al Sharpton is fired up about Rick Perry

On MSNBC, Al Sharpton called Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign message "fact-free" and then offered up some Texas stats that we've checked before.

Rick Perry and secession

Critics often say Texas Gov Rick Perry wanted his state to secede from the union. PolitiFact Texas has explored this--thrice now--and pinned what he really said.

Rick Perry's rural legend

Texas Gov. Rick Perry told crowds this week the government wants to require farmers to have a commercial driver's license before they can drive a farm tractor across a road. PolitiFact Texas checked it out and rated it False.

Rick Perry and the Texas economy

With Texas Gov. Rick Perry now running for president, we review our fact-checking on claims about jobs and the Texas economy.

Checking Rick Perry

No one in Texas has faced the Truth-O-Meter more than Rick Perry, who's gotten more True ratings than anyone else in the state -- 10 -- while also leading in False (14) and Pants on Fire ratings (7). The just-declared presidential hopeful has generally fared well on our other meter, the Perry-O-Meter, which rates the fulfillment of campaign promises, though given his speech in South Carolina today we're also marking as a Promise Broken his repeated vow not to run for president.

Perry nails jobs claim

In a Texas speech, expected presidential candidate Rick Perry accurately pegged a claim about recent job growth in Texas while touching on claims we’ve previously found incomplete. Meanwhile, an Iowa group’s pro-Perry TV ad, posted to the right, offers an untested take on the job-gains topic.

Watson's online meeting hits on familiar themes

State Sen. Kirk Watson and his guests reflect on 2011 legislative session — and cover some ground previously trodden by PolitiFact Texas.

Dewhurst a career politician?

Tom Leppert, the former Dallas mayor running for the U.S. Senate, wasn’t impressed with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s joining the 2012 field of candidates. Leppert reacted to Dewhurst’s declaration by deriding him as a  "career politician." That descriptive of Dewhurst also has been levelled by a U.S. senator who’s backing another Republican running for the Texas seat.