Articles from December, 2011

Perry's abortion shift latest fodder for Flip-O-Meter

We warmed up the Flip-O-Meter to assess Rick Perry's shifting position on abortion. He's not the only Texas official who's received the flip-flop test.

Super PACs air similar claim on Pelosi-Gingrich ties

Claims about Newt Gingrich teaming with Nancy Pelosi on global warming appear in video ads from two different super PACs, including one supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential candidacy. PolitiFact put those claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Rick Perry’s bail-out denial catches fire

Rick Perry said a Texas agricultural loan fund he once oversaw did not get bailed out. As governor, actually, he approved spending $14.7 million in taxpayer money to cover program losses.  

Perry a scratched record on Romney book claim

At least three times starting Saturday night, Rick Perry and his presidential campaign revisited the mostly wrong claim that Mitt Romney altered his book between editions to remove a sentence showing his support for a federal mandate that people buy health insurance.

Gingrich says Obama passed up IBM's offer to find health-care savings

In a Texas debate, Newt Gingrich said the CEO of IBM had told President Barack Obama how to save billions of dollars in health-care fraud -- and Obama passed up the offer. For real?

Rick Perry claim in running for "Lie of the Year"

Rick Perry won't know for a while if he's the Republican presidential nominee, but one of his claims has already been nominated -- as PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year."

Fact-checking Rick Perry's chat with Jay Leno

In between the late-night jokes, Texas Gov. Rick Perry made claims on taxes, jobs and Social Security that we’d heard before.