Articles from November, 2011

Perry recaps Obama’s 57 states’ goof

 Rick Perry, defending an incorrect reference to the U.S. voting age, said President Obama once referred to the nation's 57 states. He did?

Flip-flop for Susan Combs?

Years before the Formula One racetrack agreement became public knowledge in Central Texas, state Comptroller Susan Combs was a strong supporter. Yet on Nov. 15, 2011, she hit the brakes: Texas would not disburse $25 million in advance of the first race, she announced. We put her statement through PolitiFact’s Flip-O-Meter. Did Combs do a high-speed turn?

Mailbag: ‘If your uncle had large mammary glands, he'd be your aunt!’

Readers are frequently very good writers--so good, it hurts. We’re shaking out the mailbag again.

Did President Obama call Americans lazy?

A new 30-second television ad by Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes that claim, and we inspect.

David Dewhurst video distorts journalists' statements about economy

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's campaign posted a video online Nov. 7, 2011, assailing President Barack Obama's record with a couple of edited TV clips that distort journalists' statements, according to our look back.

Perry reminds backers of Ford’s Texas tamales gaffe

After Wednesday’s debate "Oops," Rick Perry’s crew sent out a letter with a few other famous political gaffes -- including the "Great Tamales Incident" of 1976.

Republican debate touches past claims about federal taxes, Medicaid

A few claims in this week's CNBC Republican presidential debate brought to mind past fact checks. Michele Bachmann spoke to how few Americans pay federal income taxes. Herman Cain bemoaned how much it costs to comply with tax laws. And Rick Perry said things will be better if Medicaid is turned over to states to manage.  

Fact-checking the Republican debate in Michigan

We'll be listening closely as the economy takes center stage at tonight's Republican presidential debate at 7 Central time on CNBC. So line up your snacks and flex your Twitter fingers — we'll tweet live @PolitiFactTexas and our colleagues in Washington and Florida will be tweeting @PolitiFact.

Rick Perry said everyone gets a tax cut under his plan

"No matter where you are in the stratosphere, you're going to be getting a tax cut," said Republican presidential contender and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaking of his flat-tax plan.

Proposition 2 poses no cost to state taxpayers?

A proposition on the November Texas ballot would step up authorized bonding authority for water-related projects. Texans for Prop 2, an advocacy group, says the bonds would not cost state taxpayers. Really?

Fact-checking Herman Cain

Herman Cain versus the Truth-O-Meter; how’s he doing?