Articles from October, 2011

Do governors control job gains and losses?

In just the past five months, PolitiFact has checked job-creation and job-loss claims about governors of Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin. Not one of the 11 statements rated True.

Checking Anita Perry on a family-related job claim

Anita Perry says her son had to quit an investment banking job due to a federal regulation. Really?

Romney misleads, flawed Perry video says

Rick Perry’s latest online video calls Mitt Romney misleading. It misleads.

Romney put illegal immigrants to work, Perry says

Familiar, fact-checked claims flew at the CNN Republican presidential debate including a charge that Mitt Romney employed undocumented immigrants to mow his lawn.

Fact-checking the Republican debate in Nevada

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan was under attack early from the GOP field. Later Mitt Romney and Rick Perry collided over immigration.

Edits fuel distortions in Perry video on Romney

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s online video leaves out key words and leaves in misimpressions about rival Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, and President Barack Obama.

Revisiting Rick Perry, Al Gore, Ronald Reagan

Some familiar claims were loosed at this week’s Republican presidential debate -- including Rick Perry’s claim that while Texas gained 1 million jobs, the country lost 2.5 million. A rundown...

Michele Bachmann assails Rick Perry

Rick Perry wasn't front and center in this week's Republican presidential debate, but Michele Bachmann chose to level a flawed question his direction.

Are you now or have you ever been?

Provocative labels--socialist, for instance--fly these days like "liberal" used to be tossed around. In Texas, Ted Cruz recently said David Dewhurst’s camp called Cruz a Communist.

Rick Perry supported guest worker program

Rick Perry has supported a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, a national leader of the Libertarian Party says. Wes Benedict’s claim mostly checks out.

Mailbag: 'You’re a loser, aren't you?'

Our checks of claims about class sizes in Texas and Rick Perry’s hometown lacking a ZIP code drew many reader comments. We share a few.

Santorum links Perry, Obama and binational health insurance

At the last Republican presidential debate, Rick Santorum said Rick Perry talked about binational health insurance for Texas and Mexico in 2001 — and threw Barack Obama into his claim. Did Perry advocate binational health plans?

David Dewhurst as chupacabra?

Likening David Dewhurst to the mythical chupacabra, Ted Cruz says the lieutenant governor skipped nine U.S. Senate forums after announcing his candidacy in July. Really?

PolitiFact's report card on Herman Cain

Herman Cain, the Republican presidential candidate who took issue this weekend with Rick Perry's trips to a hunting camp near a rock with a black slur on it, has been checked by PolitiFact 13 times. Cain has earned two Mostly True ratings, three Half True, one Mostly False, five False and two Pants on Fires.