Articles from September, 2011

Mailbag: ‘You reminded me of my English teacher’

We’ve been catching up on messages from readers, some wishing we’d reconsider our judgments.

Are Texas wildfires linked to climate change?

In a political speech in California, President Barack Obama took some jabs at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his comments on global warming. "You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change," Obama said. But are the Texas wildfires linked to climate change? PolitiFact put that to the Truth-O-Meter.

Mitt Romney gigs Rick Perry's tuition offer to illegal immigrants

Romney’s blast at Perry’s Texas: "Four years of college, almost $100,000 discount if you are an illegal alien (and) go to the University of Texas." We checked his analysis.  

Smokin’ Texas claims by Ron Paul, pro-Bachmann group

Separate claims about Texas taxes and spending by Ron Paul and a group backing Michele Bachmann for president caught fire on the Truth-O-Meter.

Did Romney cut a pivotal line from his paperback?

Rick Perry claims Mitt Romney made some strategic edits in the paperback edition of No Apologies to downplay his comments on health care. PolitiFact examines both editions to see if Perry is right.

Fact-checking the Fox News-Google GOP Debate

The GOP candidates faced off in Orlando, with questions from Fox News and YouTube. We put them to the Truth-O-Meter. And we'd already just completed a check about the Texas law permitting some illegal immigrants to get in-state college tuition.a

Rick Perry versus the field, round three

Republican presidential candidates debate a third time in 22 days tonight. We’ll watch for fresh claims, including jabs at front-running Texas Gov. Rick Perry, mindful that the last debates fed several fact checks.

Ron Paul gauges U.S. involvement abroad

Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul let rip with a specific tabulation of U.S. military involvement in last week’s Republican presidential debate: "We're in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the world." He was mostly right.

Rick Perry doubled spending in decade, ad says

A group backing U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota for president says spending in Texas has doubled under Rick Perry. We found the methodology behind this conclusion flawed.  

Punching Rick Perry

The latest Republican presidential debates gave candidates opportunities to poke at the front-runner, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. PolitiFact has since caught up to some blows with fact checks.

Rick Perry griddled at Florida CNN/Tea Party Express debate

At the CNN-Tea Party Express debate in Tampa, the Republican candidates discussed Social Security, Medicare and immigration, with candidates often trying to griddle Texas Gov. Rick Perry. We put their claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

It's not all about jobs; education's an issue, too

Heard enough about the economy from the Republican presidential field? Since Gov. Rick Perry got into the race, questions about the state's education record have started to crop up.

Jobs, jobs, jobs in Republican debate

The GOP candidates talked about jobs, immigration and more jobs during the debate at the Reagan Library.

Rick Perry backed Al Gore, didn't lead his Texas campaign

It’s a legend of Texas politics and, of late, a hatchet for foes of Gov. Rick Perry. The story goes that as a Democratic legislator, Perry chaired Democrat Al Gore’s presidential campaign in Texas. The legend has been aired routinely for more than 13 years—all but unchallenged by Perry. PolitiFact Texas even repeated the story as fact. Well, scotch that.

Texas wildfire claims

Texas Gov. Rick Perry told reporters Monday that Texas will seek a federal disaster declaration for the wildfires ravaging parts of the state. Earlier this year, we fact-checked contrasting claims about the state’s request for such a declaration in the wake of other fires.

For Labor Day, we recap claims about jobs, wages and labor

For Labor Day weekend, we review recent claims about jobs, labor and wages.