Articles from April, 2012

Ron Paul's 40,000 new laws

Ron Paul said at Texas stops that 40,000 new laws landed on the books at the start of 2012. Not so.

Colbert goofs on Texas schools, Thomas Jefferson

Colbert asked Don McLeroy, a former chairman of the State Board of Education, why he wanted to yank Jefferson from schoolbooks. Not so, McLeroy replied. The Texan had a point.

Perry's Coyote Special difficult to order?

At an NRA meeting, Rick Perry joked about the demand for the Ruger-made gun inspired by his 2010 coyote killing. Curious, we learned that demand for Ruger’s products in general is so high that all orders are temporarily suspended — though there’s no confirmed Perry factor.

Bogus chain email about seniors

We smelled smoke on a chain email saying the May 12 election features a vital issue affecting elderly residents and people with disabilities. The Texas secretary of state even issued a warning.

Owning up to error about Austin's student test dates

An Austin librarian made a dramatic claim about school test dates. Then she realized her misstatement.

Abbott touts 50 election fraud convictions; we subtract 29

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently touted 50 election-fraud convictions. After a close look, we subtracted 29.

Leppert on the mark about Cruz's background

Tom Leppert said in debate that Ted Cruz hasn't led businesses. That holds up.

U.S. Senate debate: 'Facts are stubborn things'

Several Republicans vying for a shot at succeeding Kay Bailey Hutchison clashed over their respective records in tonight's debate. Even before they tangled, one hopeful re-floated a claim about another that we've checked before.

Is 'pink slime' safe?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently defended a form of ground beef that critics malign as "pink slime." In addition to calling  the product "nutritious" and "affordable," the Texas governor described it as safe. Is that right?

Dewhurst v. Obama

U.S. Senate candidate David Dewhurst leveled two charges about Barack Obama; one proved True.

$8.5 million goes to Perry's scholarships goal

There's a new turn on a Perry promise about college scholarships, which we recently rated as a Compromise.

Hunting fictions about voting in Texas

Esperanza "Hope" Andrade, Texas’s chief elections officer, unveiled a campaign she described as fighting myths about voting in Texas.  And what are those myths?

Charlie Baird, Rosemary Lehmerg, the Truth-O-Meter

Austin Democrats Rosemary Lehmberg and Charlie Baird aired sweeping -- but flawed -- claims.

Whither Ron Paul? Check his report card

A national newspaper asked the other day: "Whatever happened to Ron Paul?" Well, he still has a PolitiFact report card.