Articles from August, 2012

Mitt Romney's big night, plus a Texas teacher

On the last night of the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney accepted the party's presidential nomination -- and a Texas educator saluted specialized academies.

Checking Paul Ryan and more at the Republican National Convention

We're fact-checking the second full night of speeches at the Republican National Convention.

In Tampa, Ted Cruz joins in as claims are launched

The Republican National Convention launched into full swing Tuesday. To start off, PolitiFact fact-checked some claims by and about former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida. We edged in with a check of Ted Cruz's comparison of national debt to the Gross Domestic Product.

Ron Paul's convention

Who needs a convention? Ron Paul did fine without, touching off waves of we're-with-ya chants in his Sunday speech to supporters -- also touching on two claims we’ve previously checked.

John Carter's claim about board intruding between doctors and patients

Texas U.S. Rep. John Carter lofted a flawed claim about a federal board intruding between you and your doctor.  

Austin volunteer’s research holds up

When we inquired, a volunteer researcher redid his earlier look at whether Austin is the largest U.S. city that elects no City Council members from geographic districts. His work held up.

Paul Begala says his Romney claim ties to New York Times’ blog post

After we published our check of a Paul Begala claim about Mitt Romney, Begala told us he had leaned on a New York Times news blog post. Our Mostly False rating stands.  

Testing Ryan and the Texas GOP

Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Congressman Paul Ryan, gave the keynote speech at Texas’ Republican convention in June. We’ve checked two statements from the speech, and our newest fact-check concerns a "critical thinking" plank in the Texas GOP platform adopted at the convention.

Tracking federal debt change, Truman into Obama

Our check of a claim about increases in the federal debt under George W. Bush led us to a breakdown covering every president from Harry S Truman into Barack Obama's tenure.

Palin talks food stamps

Palin’s Texas visit boosting Cruz gave us a new claim for the Truth-O-Meter: Is one in seven U.S. families on food stamps?