Articles from February, 2012

About that chain email you got … we check those, too

We checked — and found False — a circulating email claim that a 2008 Dallas proof-of-insurance ordinance had resulted in area tow lots being filled mostly with the cars of illegal residents.

David Simpson says agent went through airport scanners undetected

State Rep. David Simpson, not impressed with the federal agency responsible for security at airport checkpoints, says that five times last spring, an undercover agent made it through body scanners at a Dallas airport. We wondered.

Ron Paul’s claim on gas prices touches off fire

Gas prices are going up, but an overstatement about their creep by presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas set the Truth-O-Meter aflame.

Familiar claim in Ron Paul ad slamming Rick Santorum

Presidential hopeful from Texas says rival former senator from Pennsylvania doubled the size of the U.S. Education Department. No single lawmaker could do that, we figure. Besides, the department's budget did not double when Republicans dominated.

MSNBC host O'Donnell mostly wrong on GI Bill being called welfare

In a much-aired advertisement, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell forcefully says critics called the GI Bill welfare. That’s not quite so.

How many are helped by deal on payroll tax cut?

Per a congressional deal on extending the payroll tax cut, many say 160 million workers stand to benefit. In an earlier fact-check, we learned that those workers hail from about 122 million households.

Ted Cruz re-defends a flamed claim

In an email blast and blog post, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Cruz of Texas takes issue with our recent flame-kissed rating of his ridiculous claim that an opponent has a record of promoting an income tax.

Gingrich versus Biery

Newt Gingrich excoriated a Texas judge’s warning about his order related to prayer during a high-school graduation ceremony. Did Gingrich recap the judge’s position accurately?

Ted Cruz's report card

Texan Ted Cruz recently lofted a ridiculous claim about an opponent for the U.S. Senate. His overall Truth-O-Meter report card covers four fact checks.  

Rick Santorum's report card

With Rick Santorum swinging through North Texas, it’s timely to remember his PolitiFact report card.

PolitiFact Texas digs into Fast and Furious

Attorney General Eric Holder’s congressional testimony on the botched federal gun trafficking operation reminds us of our recent fact-check of a claim by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst that we rated False.

Ted Cruz reminds crowd of David Dewhurst's Communist claim

As noted by Austin’s KVUE-TV, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz this week revisited his charge that an opponent called him a red Chinese communist. We'd checked that.