Articles from January, 2012

Repeated: Martin Luther King was a Republican

PolitiFact colleagues in two other states just looked into a Texas-tested claim that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

Minority population growth in Texas revisited

A Houston Chronicle news article raising the possibility of a bipartisan agreement setting primary elections for early April includes a familiar claim about the state’s minority population growth from 2000 to 2010.  

Howdying PolitiFact Tennessee

There’s nothing Half True in Tennessee -- yet. Here’s our howdy to PolitiFact’s 10th and latest state-level effort to check the facts.

Reader: Maybe rename PolitiFact the Opinion-O-Meter?

When readers find us off our rockers, they let us know. Here’s to another dip in the mailbag.  

Fifty fact checks of Rick Perry for president

Claims by or about Rick Perry as he stumped for president gave the Truth-O-Meter a vigorous workout. Highlights, please!  

Fact-checking Rick Perry’s presidential run

Texas Gov. Rick Perry kept the Truth-O-Meter whirring during his run for president.

S.C. debate claim familiar? Find our research fast

America has bases in 130 countries? A million new jobs were created in Texas?  Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rick Perry of Texas covered a lot of ground in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day debate. Click here for our research on some of their claims.

PolitiFact Texas turns two

PolitiFact Texas just turned 2 -- bounding into toddler-hood in part thanks to strong interest in fact checks of Rick Perry and Barack Obama.

Rick Perry’s bargain haircut?

Gov. Perry says he once got his remarkable hair cut for $1, but now it’s costing $25. We wondered.

Perry calls Obama socialist, sets Truth-O-Meter aflame

Debating in New Hampshire on Sunday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry charged President Barack Obama with being a socialist. The Truth-O-Meter found that claim not only inaccurate but ridiculous. Pants on Fire!

The Ron Paul PolitiFact report card

The U.S. representative from Lake Jackson placed a strong third in Iowa’s Republican caucuses — but first among Texans seeking the party's presidential nomination.