Articles from July, 2012

Cruz, Sadler, the Truth-O-Meter

Cruz and Sadler, November foes, have each met the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

Texas fact checks to take to the polls

Heading into the Texas primary runoffs, we’ve stacked up about a dozen related fact-checks. Meantime, a Sarah Palin check is in the works.

Checking facts before the Texas primary runoffs

The word "criminal" has popped up in recent, checked candidate or campaign group statements. And for fiscal wonks, there’s a whopping Truth-O-Metered sales tax claim. We invite you to read our latest items before the Texas primary runoffs.

Checking claims about “cocaine constable” and his “incarcerated” challenger

A Travis County runoff features competing the-other-guy-was-a-crook claims.  

Public debt changes, president by president

A Democrat's claim about debt under George W. Bush led us to learning how much the public debt changed under every past president, starting with Truman.

Calling Dewhurst a moderate

A group that favors Cruz says the major Texas newspapers call Dewhurst a moderate. That's Mostly False.

Dewhurst and Cruz tread familiar claims in U.S. Senate debate

In Dallas, Republicans Cruz and Dewhurst duked it out in advance of their July 31 Republican primary runoff election. We tracked some tough, familiar claims. Did you hear a fresh, untested sally?

Obama’s record on the Truth-O-Meter

President Obama, stopping in Austin, naturally figures into many fact checks.  

Roger Williams and pancakes for yuppies in Washington

Williams cries foul about federal aid launching a Washington pancake house. We sniff the syrup.

Fresh (re-baked) blasts from Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst

Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst hatch competing ads about a payroll tax and being a businessman, respectively. We’ve probed both topics.

Spotlighting claims by Julián Castro, David Dewhurst and Wendy Davis

Our latest checks of leading Texas Democrats and a Republican spotlight inaccurate -- or, at least, incomplete -- accounts of what happened when state lawmakers gathered in 2011.