Articles from March, 2012

Compare Truth-O-Meter report cards?

PolitiFact in Washington has unveiled a feature that lets you compare Truth-O-Meter report cards for candidates and groups. Its first comparisons feature the presidential candidates and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Chain email’s Obama joke unconfirmed

A chain email says a racially-tinged joke about Barack Obama drew a standing ovation at a Texas rodeo. A presidential joke was told, we conclude, but the email is otherwise off base.

Has cost of 2010 federal health care law doubled?

U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz tweeted a claim racing through Republican circles: that new projections show the 2010 federal health care law’s cost has doubled. False, says the Truth-O-Meter.

Texas order and Newt Gingrich's claim

A San Antonio federal judge’s "kumbaya" order reminded us we’d checked a claim about him by Newt Gingrich.

Limbaugh v. Maher

Rush Limbaugh’s mischaracterizations of a law student made waves, prompting some critics to say that comedian Bill Maher’s descriptions of Sarah Palin and others were made in a similarly rebukable vein.

Mailbag: "Do you even check your own facts?"

Our checks of claims by Lamar Smith and Lawrence O'Donnell drew emails from readers. Let's sample the mailbag.

Pat Robertson echoes Texas candidate on marijuana

Pat Robertson says marijuana should be legalized. We learned that an El Paso congressional candidate beat him to that declaration.

Rick Perry’s promises

Rick Perry has been off the national campaign trail long enough for the Perry-O-Meter to crunch into gear. Here's proof.

Pre-abortion ultrasounds in Texas

A New York Times columnist's concerns about the new Texas law requiring a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound reminded us of our check of a 2011 claim.

It’s got facts, and you can dance to it

South by Southwest begins occupying Austin this week. We’re getting in the groove with our own theme song: "Gimme The Truth (The PolitiFact Song)."