PolitiFact checked more than 30 candidate claims before Texas party primaries

U.S. Senate hopeful Craig James opened his bid with this web video extolling Gov. Rick Perry.

This year had barely begun before we tackled our first claim by a candidate seeking the support of Texas voters in this week’s primaries.

Former ESPN analyst Craig James, among Republicans seeking to succeed U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, said in an online video posted Jan. 3, 2012, that Gov. Rick Perry had cut taxes. Half True, we concluded. Perry put in motion major tax hikes resulting in less revenue than state-ordered reductions in local school property taxes. However, his overall record shows he cut some taxes and raised others.

In advance of the May 29, 2012, primaries -- pushed back from the usual March date due to legal jockeying over the districts drawn by state legislators last year -- we checked more than 30 claims by candidates for the Senate seat and for a range of offices, including U.S. House, Texas Senate and Texas House seats as well as jobs filled solely by voters in Travis or Williamson County.

Just in time for voting, we are stacking up a good share of our checks to the right, though you can see all our work by scrolling items at politifacttexas.com .

Count on additional relevant checks before July runoffs, if they prove necessary, or the November 2012 general election. Please write [email protected] if you see a curious statement that belongs on our roster. Readers are our favorite tipsters.