Articles from September, 2012

Event to kill 80 to 90 million people, John Sharp says

John Sharp said that according to scientists, a future event will take the lives of 80 to 90 million people. Really?  

Texas Democrats shut out of statewide office longer than Democrats in other states

Joaquin Castro says Texas Democrats lead the nation in a losing-streak way.

Paul Ryan returning to Texas

Paul Ryan stumps in Houston this week. He’s met the Truth-O-Meter already.

PolitiFact Texas at the Texas Tribune Festival

We listened to speakers at the second annual Texas Tribune Festival. Hear anything we should check?  

Gary Johnson says he'll be on every ballot

The Libertarian presidential nominee said he’ll far outpace other third-party hopefuls by making every state's ballot. We find that's unsettled.

UPDATED: Who pays taxes? Roberton Williams knows

Flipping channels, we came across a familiar expert speaking to how many Americans pay federal income taxes. Thing is, Roberton Williams has figured into numerous PolitiFact fact checks.

A record Texas revenue surplus?

A close observer speculates about Texas government likely having a record revenue surplus -- reminding us of our state budget  fact checks.

Jerry Patterson: ‘We’re producing oil and gas, and the turtles are fine’

Texas' land commissioner says he was sued over drilling for oil on the Gulf Coast and protecting turtles, but won. And, he says, the turtles are fine.

Julián Castro echoes Clinton

Castro tracks Clinton about job gains on Obama's watch.  

Readers sound off on time taken for mandated tests

Several readers looked askance at our fact-check on how many days Texas schools spend in mandated testing.

Sixteen Democratic convention fact checks (and counting)

By the time Barack Obama completed his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, PolitiFact researchers had completed 16 fact checks of Democratic speakers.

Julián Castro and Mitt Romney's advice to borrow from your parents

Julián Castro's keynote included what turned out to be a laugh line -- his claim that Mitt Romney advised college students to start a business by borrowing from their parents, if need be. Did Castro recap correctly?

Julián Castro and San Antonio's economy

Julián Castro, keynoter at the Democratic National Convention, aired a familiar claim about San Antonio's economy.

Julián Castro’s national moment

Four years ago, he bounced around Denver in relative obscurity. Tonight he’s got the coast-to-coast speaking slot that helped elevate a who’s-he state senator named Obama in 2004.

Break the email chain of fools

Like bacteria, chain emails can lie dormant for years, then pop up to spread again. Texas readers have alerted us to some circulating now, addressing tax on home sales, Medicare payments and an "unprecedented" Obama executive order. Inoculate yourself!