Articles from April, 2013

More voters turned out for Austin election of '73 than for latest election with mayor's race?

Bee Moorhead tweeted about Austin's local voter turnout being worse of late than in, say, 1973. Get out!

Most Texas government workers got no pay raise from 2009 to 2012

An employees group says most state workers got no raises from 2009 to 2012. That checked out.

Hammond: Businesses pay 60 percent of taxes in Texas

Bill Hammond, who helms the Texas Association of Business, spoke up for business tax cuts by saying businesses pay 60 percent of taxes in the state. Really?

Perry says Obama yet to respond to 2010 letter on border security

In a CNN interview, Perry said Obama has yet to respond to the 2010 letter on border security he tried to hand the president on the tarmac of a Texas airport. We see smoke.

Al Qaeda camps with Mexican cartels? That's speculation, not fact

Louie Gohmert said on C-SPAN that al Qaeda has camps south of the Rio Grande. That's speculative, we find.

Dewhurst: 45 days "lost" to state testing

David Dewhurst says Texas school systems lose 45 days to state-imposed tests. We did not find a firm factual basis for his figure.

Texas supports a show glorifying cheaters?

You never know what you’ll hear on the Texas House floor. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when a legislator said government props up a show glorifying cheating spouses.

Further checking Ted Cruz on Medicaid expansion

PolitiFact in Washington took a longer look at a Ted Cruz claim about Medicaid expansion--and stuck with its original False rating.

Perry quotes Obama saying Medicaid ‘broken’

Rick Perry says Barack Obama called Medicaid "broken." That’s Mostly True.

Leffingwell says NRA members support background checks of all gun purchasers

Austin’s hizzoner gets the polls right on Americans, including NRA members, widely supporting background checks before all gun purchases.

Checking Texas shelters that euthanize dogs and cats with carbon monoxide

Kirk Watson said 29 Texas animal shelters use carbon monoxide to euthanize dogs and cats. That seems about right, though we also spoke with an official who said a rifle is locally preferred.

Perry, Cornyn, Cruz and Medicaid doctors in Texas

Perry, Cornyn and Cruz stood behind a claim that only 30 percent of Texas physicians accept new Medicaid patients. Survey says otherwise.