Texas supports a show glorifying cheaters?

"Cheaters," a TV series made in Dallas, came up during Texas House action on the state budget.
"Cheaters," a TV series made in Dallas, came up during Texas House action on the state budget.

During debate, state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg suggested government money has gone to unseemly projects.

Laubenberg, R-Parker, initially asked a House colleague about his proposed amendment to the House version of the 2014-15 state budget.

Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, said he sought to shift money from the state’s film and music marketing fund to teacher pensions. When last we wrote about the fund, overseen by the governor’s office, we noted the 2011 Legislature had agreed to spend $16 million each year to "market Texas as a film location and promote the Texas music industry," according to the May 26, 2011, House-Senate conference committee report.

Laubenberg asked Leach: "Would you like me to give you a couple of examples of things being funded with this money?" At Leach’s go-ahead, Laubenberg replied: "How about ‘Bad Kids Go to Hell,’ ‘Cheaters,’ ...a TV series on spouses cheating on their wives, kind of glorifying the act of cheating--yeah, entertainment for some, unless you’re the one cheated on."

After listing other entertainment projects she described as helped along with state funds, Laubenberg closed: "You know, if you want to watch this, fine, but I think you ought to do it on your own dime and not the state’s dime."

We spent some dimes to check Laubenberg’s story, which mostly held up. See the full check to the right--and tell your S.O., you hear?



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