Articles from July, 2013

Senator: Texas workers can be fired for being gay

Leticia Van de Putte said Texans can be fired, or denied jobs, for being gay. That’s not universally so.

As Holder targets Texas law, a look at our voter ID checks

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday in Philadelphia that he will ask a federal court to step in and examine Texas’ voter identification law before it’s put into place in November. Our related fact-checks include Holder's claim that 25 percent of African Americans don’t have a government-issued voter ID, Greg Abbott saying 200 dead people voted in Texas’ May 2012 primaries and how Texas came under the Voting Rights Act in 1975, not 1965.

Gas prices up under Obama, but had just taken epic fall

"It doesn’t take an economist to figure out how a gallon of gasoline has increased by $1.62 in four years," said U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, in a recent newsletter to constituents. President Barack Obama's policies are holding domestic energy back, he said. But experts said the main reason was the huge drop in gas prices right before Obama's inauguration, as the global economy went into crisis triggered by the United States' "Lehman moment," when a mega-investment bank's bankruptcy and the government's refusal to bail it out sent markets reeling.

Austin biggest U.S. city with no ‘anchor’ in Congress

Six congressional districts reach into Austin under the interim plan imposed by federal judges. But Austin voters don't make up the majority in any of them. We determined that State Rep. Elliott Naishtat was correct when he recently said that Austin's the largest U.S. city with no "anchor" district.

Texas’ attorney general v. the Truth-O-Meter

State Attorney General Greg Abbott announced his bid for governor Sunday in San Antonio, and many observers already expect him to win, with at least $18 million on hand and conservative credentials that include suing the Obama administration 25 times -- the latter a claim PolitiFact rated True. See how we’ve rated Abbott on issues from greenhouse gases to voter ID.

Texas abortions down, no longer 80,000 a year

In 2011, we agreed 80,000 abortions annually occur in Texas. Now that figure is too high.

Austin's Fox 7 reviews popularity of abortion measure

Austin's Fox 7 News quizzed us about our check of a claim that the abortion measure before Texas lawmakers has the backing of most Texans--which we rated Mostly False.

Fact-checking Rick Perry, who declares he won't run for governor in 2014

Rick Perry's promised  "exciting" plan? He's not seeking another term as governor at the least. See updates at For our part, we are posting the Truth-O-Meter report card for the longest-serving governor in Texas history--and True-to-Pants on Fire report cards for various officeholders surely hankering to move up once Perry moves on.

Price check: Texas special session versus condoms, birth control pills or sexual health educators

For the price of a special legislative session, Texas could pay for many condoms or birth control pills or even sexual health educators, according to a sign we spotted. Let's shop.

Perry: Wendy Davis born to unwed mother, later gave birth out of wedlock

Rick Perry described Wendy Davis today as born to an unwed mother and having given birth out of wedlock. News to us.