Perry: Wendy Davis born to unwed mother, later gave birth out of wedlock

Gov. Rick Perry talked about Sen. Wendy Davis' background about 10 minutes into his June 27, 2013, speech to the National Right to Life Convention in Grapevine, Texas.

Rick Perry spoke afresh about a Democratic senator's background this morning as forces for and against legislation affecting abortion gathered for the start of a fresh special session at the Texas Capitol.

The Republican governor told a national radio host, Bill Bennett, that he was trying to praise Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis last week when he referred to her difficult childhood circumstances in a speech; you can view those references to the senator about 10 minutes into the video to the right.

Talking to Bennett, Perry also called Davis "the child of an unwed mom" who "herself had a child... out of wedlock."

We are unaware of proof for either part of this claim. Perry's office didn't immediately respond to our email inquiry.

But Davis' father told us last week that the future senator was born about five years after he and the senator's mother were wedded. Davis also has said she was married when she gave birth to a daughter as a teen; she has said she divorced at 19.

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What have you heard that merits a fact check?