Articles from June, 2013

Rick Perry's 'Half True' description of Wendy Davis

Time ran out on legislation pitched as improving abortion regulation in Texas. But Gov. Rick Perry called another special session, starting Monday. We spent the filibuster week on a quartet of related fact checks, including whether Perry accurately described Sen. Wendy Davis' childhood and early adulthood.

Laubenberg says her "rape kit" claim may have come out muddled

With the fate of legislation limiting abortions in Texas in question, a legislator who likened rape kits and a surgical procedure advised us that she knows that's not correct and did not intend to say as much.

UPDATED: Truth-O-Meter and abortion claims

The wee-hours debate in Texas over changes in law related to abortion generated one claim we found smoky. Meantime, we're sharing past fact checks regarding abortion.

McCaul: Obama plan entails release of hundreds of “dangerous criminals”

Michael McCaul warned. We checked.

Rolling Stones claim starts up Texas Truth-O-Meter

Did $25,000 flow to the burg of Rollingwood for the inconvenience of a nearby Rolling Stones concert? Like sugar.

Mailbag: ‘Your journalism professors would be so proud of you’

Readers blast. We share. It’s mailbag time.  

Were two-thirds of groups targeted by IRS not conservative?

After the IRS’s admission that it improperly targeted conservative groups, Progress Texas said two thirds of the scrutinized groups were not conservatives. That's unknown and unlikely, we concluded, making for smoke.

Rick Perry pitch touches on fact-checked claims

Perry’s fresh pitch-and-woo for businesses to move to Texas touches on established claims about jobs and people heading our way. The Truth-O-Meter rated the claims Mostly True to False.

Legislated spending of up to $4 billion not expected to halve Texas rainy day fund

A small-government advocate says Texas legislators agreed to cut the state’s rainy day fund by half. That’s incorrect.

If you vote in Austin primaries, you probably request a Democratic ballot

A Republican analyst's tweet led us to learn that 7 in 10 Austin voters in party primaries exclusively fill out the Democratic Party's ballot.

Rick Perry’s count of $10,000 college degrees

Rick Perry touted 13 Texas institutions offering $10,000 college degrees. We wondered.