Articles from May, 2013

El Paso "safest" large city in US? Hold fire

El Paso's county judge said the city is the safest burg of its size in the country. That sounded familiar--and flawed.

Susan Combs knows the Truth-O-Meter

Susan Combs knows the Truth-O-Meter. That’s not so for all the prospective contenders to succeed her.

PolitiFact Texas marks two years on Austin's KUT FM

Once a week for two years, Austin's KUT News has talked through one of our fact checks. Cake time? Kind of.

Bill Hammond says only 25 percent of Texas high school graduates are college ready

A leading business advocate said only one in four Texas high school graduates is college ready. Really?

Rick Perry, Sam Houston, slavery--and the Boy Scouts

Rick Perry, exhorting the Boy Scouts to continue excluding gays, analogized to Sam Houston and slavery on the eve of the Civil War. We wondered about that.

Mayor warns of 1 million people “coming to town”

Lee Leffingwell said 1 million additional people are "coming to town." We took that to mean Austin.

UPDATED: Grading Texas claims by, and about, Barack Obama

The president’s one-day swing to the Austin area gave rise to fact checks of, and about, him.

Mailbag: PolitiFact Texas's pants are on fire

We blew it, readers say, in rating Pants on Fire a claim about science and greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Ted Cruz constitutionally eligible to be president?

Rising Republican star Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, is being looked at as a potential presidential contender. But some question whether Cruz, who was born in Canada, could become the chief executive because of the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a "natural born citizen." PolitiFact Ohio dug in.

Obama, Perry, Hinojosa and jobs, jobs, jobs

Barack Obama came and went. Rick Perry and a leader of Texas Democrats took the occasion to loft jobs-related claims--now fact-checked.

Top 10 PolitiFact checks of claims by, and about, Barack Obama as he hies to Texas

What better way to welcome Obama to Central Texas than walking through the most popular PolitiFact fact checks of, or about, him this year--plus they include a 2012 check of Romney.

Mailbag: PolitiFact Texas proves facts ‘are irrelevant to what you do’

A Texas congressman is silly, one reader writes. PolitiFact Texas writes as if facts are irrelevant, another says. Let’s open the mailbag.

Is a new study of Medicaid a game changer?

A few weeks ago, we rated a claim by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that "expanding Medicaid will worsen health care options for the most vulnerable among us in Texas." Then, this week, a landmark study was published that addresses some of the same questions. Would it have changed our False rating for Cruz? We take a fresh look.

Cartoonist incorrect about last state inspection of Texas plant

A California editorial cartoonist said the state of Texas last inspected the plant in West in 2006. That’s not so.