Our look into Obama ordering deaths of Americans among our popular fact checks

President Barack Obama discusses his involvement with drone strike decisions Sept. 5, 2012, on CNN.

Kesha Rogers, who made it to a 2014 primary runoff for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in Texas, Rogers said on her campaign website that President Barack Obama violated the Fifth Amendment "with the avowed assassination of at least four American citizens, Anwar Al-Awlaki, his 16-year-old son, Samir Khan, and Jude Mohammed, without benefit of due process of law. Indeed, the death warrants against these individuals were effectively signed in secret, in a committee which is overseen directly by the president."

Were the individuals she named all U.S. citizens "assassinated" at Obama’s direction?

U.S. drone strikes reportedly carried out on Obama’s authority killed the listed citizens. But three deaths were evidently not intended, while it’s debated -- unsettled at best -- whether the killing of al-Awlaki, targeted for his al-Qaeda role, was an assassination.

We rated this claim, which presented the deaths out of context, as Half True.

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