Articles from December, 2015

Banned barbecue to Bernie Sanders and Nazis, our most-clicked fact checks of 2015

Smoke streamed from some of our most-clicked fact checks of 2015--including the Pants on Fire rating smacked onto a ridiculous Rush Limbaugh claim that Austin was banning barbecue restaurants.   Just ahead, our 10 most-clicked fact checks of 2015...

Factually flawed Christmas claims

People get the facts wrong even about Christmas.   Ho ho ho!

The 2015 Lie of the Year: the campaign misstatements of Donald Trump

A presidential candidate with an unprecedented record on the Truth-O-Meter earns PolitiFact's annual award.

Ted Cruz quip hearkens to FDR's gramps saying 'all horse thieves are Democrats'

Drawing laughter, Ted Cruz improbably brought up horse thieves, Democrats and a Franklin D. Roosevelt ancestor in talking about Donald Trump.   It looks like the line came up before when the president’s mother, whose father was a staunch Republican, was courted by a Democrat before they were wedded in 1880.

Ted Cruz tangles with Marco Rubio in Las Vegas presidential debate

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio put energy into making claims about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's record during the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas aired by CNN--and Cruz fired back.   At issue: Cruz's established positions on how to address immigrants living in the country without legal permission and his votes on defense spending and national security measures. Cruz, in turn, brought up Rubio's past advocacy of a bipartisan immigration plan and what the Texan characterized as Rubio's alignment with Democrats on foreign affairs.   We'll be reviewing all that was said to see what might merit a fact check.   During the debate, PolitiFact in Washington, D.C. had this blog on what the candidates were getting right or wrong. To see news coverage of the debate, go to the Austin American-Statesman's website.   And let us know what you noticed?  

PolitiFact Texas Mailbag: ‘Really, how stupid can you people get?’

We’re opening our first mailbag since three newspapers started teaming on PolitiFact Texas in November.   Reader darts ahead...   Want the latest fact checks right away? Like our Facebook page; follow us on Twitter.

Ted Cruz's boys showering with girls claim False, but transgender student rights are unsettled

Texan Ted Cruz was incorrect, we concluded, when he said the federal government has been trying to force schools to let boys shower with little girls.   But it’s also the case that how an anti-discrimination law applies to transgender students continues to be debated and fought out in court.

Ted Cruz fact check about shrinking Democrats drew our most clicks in November

Our check of Ted Cruz’s claim about the shrinking Democratic Party won November.   It proved our most-read fact check in the month, based on online clicks.   Read the full fact check.   See Ted Cruz’s PolitiFact file--chocked with 60-plus fact checks.   Footnote: Our No. 1 most-viewed fact check of October concerned a Republican legislator’s tweet about Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders--and Hitler’s Germany. See Bernie Sanders' Truth-O-Meter report card.

Not so: Donald Trump's claim that Barack Obama plans to import 250,000 Syrian refugees

Donald Trump, in Texas, said Barack Obama has big plans for Syrian refugees.   But Trump’s declaration the president wants to import 250,000 Syrian refugees lacks factual standing.   See all of Donald Trump’s Pants on Fire statements.   See Trump’s full Truth-O-Meter report card.