Super Bowl = more sex trafficking?

Sen. John Cornyn said most U.S. sexual trafficking victims are U.S. citizens in this floor speech Jan. 27, 2014 (Sen. Cornyn video).

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas this week warned of stepped-up sex trafficking in connection with the Super Bowl.

Mostly False, PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., concluded, noting there's no empirical research behind this commonly-aired link. That outfit also tackled other Super Bowl claims (click to 'em).

We took our own look at Cornyn's statement in a Senate floor speech that more than 80 percent of sexual trafficking victims in the U.S. also are American citizens. A study offered up such a figure, but it has limits. On balance, we rated his declaration Half True.

As we type, it's about 49 hours to kickoff.



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