Articles from June, 2015

Ted Cruz, new author, calls PolitiFact noxious yellow journalism

We may be making Ted Cruz sick.   That seems to be what the Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate thinks about PolitiFact and our fact checks, according to his just-published book, "A Time for Truth."   Cruz calls PolitiFact a "new, particularly noxious species of yellow journalism that is beginning to infect what passes for modern political discourse." And there’s more.   See Cruz’s full Truth-O-Meter report card here. COMMENT on our Facebook page.  

Trump: Voter polls show U.S. support for abortion "down a little bit"

Donald Trump--speaking before the U.S. Supreme Court acted on a Texas challenge to abortion clinic restrictions put in motion by lawmakers in 2013--said polls show U.S. support for a woman's right to choose an abortion "is going down a little bit."   PolitiFact in Washington, D.C. found otherwise.   See our separate look into the number of Texas abortion clinics here.

Greg Abbott says a billion in bullion repatriating to Texas. Mostly False.

Greg Abbott said a measure he signed into law returns $1 billion in gold bullion to Texas from the Federal Reserve.   MOSTLY FALSE, we found.

Before Supreme Court ruling, Texans defined marriage as between one man, one woman

Texas is among about a dozen states that barred same-sex marriages before the U.S. Supreme Court acted today. Texas voters defined marriage as between a man and a woman by going to the polls as we're recapping here...   READ ABOUT THE COURT'S RULING, AND TEXAS IMPLICATIONS, HERE.   SEE POLITIFACT'S FACT CHECKS RELATED TO MARRIAGE HERE.

Barack Obama and the Truth-O-Meter after the Charleston murders

After a gunman shot and killed defenseless worshippers, President Barack Obama made a couple statements touching off the Truth-O-Meter.   Obama said the day after: "Now is the time for mourning and for healing. But let’s be clear: At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency."   Separately, Obama tweeted: "Here are the stats: Per population, we kill each other with guns at a rate 297x more than Japan, 49x more than France, 33x more than Israel."   Obama's comments, checked by PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., came out MOSTLY FALSE and MOSTLY TRUE, respectively.

Ted Cruz photos by Associated Press included several of gun seemingly pointed at him

Ted Cruz looks like he's got a gun pointed at him in a photo taken by the Associated Press in Iowa over the weekend--and the photo alone provoked concern in some circles, Politico said Sunday.   Conservative-oriented asked readers to imagine the outcry if a Democrat had been depicted similarly.   The AP distributed several other photos of Cruz speaking. We're sharing them here...

Just kidding: Andy Borowitz says Texas gun shops outnumber abortion clinics more than 12,000-to-1

A reader asked: Did comedian Andy Borowitz have his facts straight when he suggested Texas gun stores outnumber Texas abortion facilities more than 12,000 to 1?   Short answer: Borowitz made up his numbers. Remember, he’s a professional kidder.   Still, we hunted accurate figures.

Jeb! Trump too; fresh presidential candidates and the Truth-O-Meter

Jeb! (Think of letters saved if everyone ran solely by their first name and an exclamation point).   And, in case you missed it, Donald Trump.   As speedily tracked by PolitiFact Florida and PolitiFact National, the field of Republicans aspiring presidential grew by those two last week. Here's your chance to see how each one has fared on the Truth-O-Meter.   SEE JEB BUSH'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD HERE. SEE DONALD TRUMP'S TRUTH-O-METER HISTORY HERE.  

UPDATED: Sheriff says U.S. alone in not securing borders with military

A West Texas sheriff declared the U.S. alone in not securing its border with the military.   Pants on Fire!   SEE THE TRUTH-O-METER ARTICLE.

'Teabagger' group distorts Ted Cruz and others with images and fake quotations

As Ted Cruz and others surely know, a Facebook group called "Stop the World, Teabaggers Want Off" draws traffic partly by depicting conservatives--including Cruz of Texas--saying things actually not said.   The group says it's trying to poke fun.

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton on voting rights

Hillary Clinton chose her words carefully in characterizing the actions of Republican governors -- and potential presidential candidates -- on how they handled voting legislation in their states, including Texas.

Ted Cruz claim about costs of tax compliance, military drew most PolitiFact Texas views in May

Ted Cruz won the month of May--for us.   Our check of his claim about the costs of tax compliance and how much the country spends on the military was our most-viewed story of the month.   PLUS: See Ted Cruz's complete Truth-O-Meter report card.

Rick Perry announces fresh presidential bid near Dallas

Former Gov. Rick Perry, who just declared for president in an airplane hangar near Dallas, has an expansive PolitiFact record.   See Perry's full Truth-O-Meter record here.   See our Twitter rundown of the most-viewed Perry fact checks over the years. OR comment on Facebook.

Rick Perry and border security

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor expected to announce for president, has hammered the federal government for falling short of stopping illegal border crossings.   Meantime, Perry has misstated quite a bit about conditions on the Texas-Mexico border.   PLUS: Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Rick Perry and Texas job gains

Count on Rick Perry, expected to announce his candidacy for president on Thursday, to mention job gains in Texas on his watch.   Here's our primer on employment changes in Perry's 14-year tenure as governor.   PLUS: Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Austin school board president makes Half True claim about local teacher pay

Gina Hinojosa joined others at the Capitol calling for billions in additional school spending.   Money is needed, the president of the Austin school district's board of trustees said, because district teachers are paid less than Texas peers near and far.   We found that pay claim HALF TRUE.