Articles from October, 2015

Ted Cruz says debate reporters fawned for Democrats, provoked Republicans

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew a raucous go-get-'em reaction by assailing CNBC’s debate panel Wednesday and saying questions asked of the Republican candidates to that point "illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media."   That is, Cruz said, the questions of the 10 aspirants on stage were less substantive than questions thrown at the five Democratic presidential candidates at the Oct. 13 debate hosted by CNN. "The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every fawning question from the media was, ‘Which of you is more handsome and why?’" Cruz offered.   Here’s our look back at the questions asked at the latest pre-2016 debates.

Speaking of Colorado, how the Republican presidential candidates stand on marijuana

Most of the Republican presidential candidates aren’t down with Colorado’s 2012 decision to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Some take a wait-and-see attitude.   In light of the CNBC debate in Boulder, we present a rundown based on research by pro-legalization activists.   SEE POLITIFACT’S FILE OF MARIJUANA-RELATED FACT CHECKS.

Flaming tap water in Texas?

We're not sure how to check a video purportedly showing flammable Texas tap water.   Maybe you have an idea or two.

Dan Patrick: Planned Parenthood solely kills babies and sells body parts

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a nationally broadcast interview that Planned Parenthood does little more than profit from killing babies.   We ended up smellling smoke on that claim.   SEE DAN PATRICK'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

Hillary Clinton says U.S. loses 90 people a day to guns

Stumping in San Antonio, Hillary Clinton said the U.S. loses about 90 people a day--to guns.   We wondered.   SEE CLINTON’S FULL TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

UPDATED: Curious claims we heard at the Texas Tribune Festival

Texans say the darndest things--such as many college students don’t pay any college tuition. That was one of a few ear-catching claims we heard from participants in the 2015 Texas Tribune Festival. Maybe you’ll spot something we should check.

Looking for curious factual claims at Texas Tribune Festival

A band of student reporters will once again enable us to listen widely for factually curious claims during this week's Texas Tribune Festival.   What are you hearing?    

Texas whups nation in poverty--for 50-plus years?

Texas activist Bee Moorhead wasn't celebratory.   Still, she did write recently: "Texas once again outstripped the national poverty rate" in 2014, "as we have done since at least 1959."   For real?    

Fact-checking the Democratic debate in Las Vegas

The Democrats seeking to succeed Barack Obama went at it Tuesday in Las Vegas.   PolitiFact reviews their factual claims.   PolitiFact digs into how Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the gang have fared so far on the Truth-O-Meter. 

Dan Patrick says all crime committed by about 15 percent of population

In a radio inteview, Dan Patrick put specific numbers behind his point that most Americans are law-abiding.   A reader wondered about Patrick's claim. Our verdict: Pants on Fire!   See the full fact check here.   See Dan Patrick's PolitiFact report card here.

Glenn Hegar says 650 people a day move into Texas

Glenn Hegar, bullish on the Texas economy, has been telling groups 650 people a day move into the state.   That’s an accurate estimate of net migration to the state, also accounting for residents who leave.  

Ted Cruz fact checks dominated Texas Truth-O-Meter in September

It was a very good September for PolitiFact stories featuring Ted Cruz.   Five Ted-Cruz-connected stories ranked among our 10 most-read articles in the month.