Stalled rulings on the Abbott-O-Meter

Ban school districts from hiring lobbyists to lobby legislators for more funding

"Using your money to lobby for more of your money is a conflict of interest. It needs to stop. School districts should directly represent the needs of their schools at the Legislature and not waste taxpayer resources on lobbyists."

End CSCOPE and don't allow federal "common core" academic standards in Texas

"And as governor, I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE and will never allow common core in Texas." CSCOPE, developed by state-funded Education Service Centers, offered school districts curriculum tools, including classroom lesson plans, aligned with revised state academic standards. Critics said the material included inappropriate directives.

Give the governor power to reduce, but not eliminate, individual spending items in state budget

"Granting 'reduction' line-item veto authority to the Texas governor would give a fiscally responsible governor a useful tool to reduce spending without eviscerating appropriations entirely." Abbott said this change would require lawmakers to send voters a proposed constitutional amendment.

Require two-thirds' vote of Texas House and Senate to override constitutional spending limit

Gov. Greg Abbott wants lawmakers to send voters a proposed constitutional amendment to toughen the existing ability of lawmakers to override the spending limit by majority votes of the House and Senate.

Abbott: Texas needs law barring state spending to implement Obamacare law

Pass a state law barring state resources including personnel from being employed to implement or enforce the Obamacare law.