Promise Kept rulings on the Adler-O-Meter

Change appraisal process

"I will also work with other local taxing authorities in the area to demand that all property is assessed fairly and at 100 percent of full market value as prescribed by state law. I will also stand prepared to initiate legal action, if necessary, to ensure this statutory requirement is met in Austin."

Create an education outreach coordinator

"I will create the position of Education Outreach Coordinator in the Mayor's Office. This coordinator will facilitate community focus on critical shared policies as well as programs such as those described below."

Meet more frequently

The Austin City Council "needs to meet more often and hold additional work sessions if necessary to allow the new council greater public discussion of issues."

Devote the first 100 days to long-term issues

"Up to the first 100 days of the new Council should be devoted to framing the long-term issues."

Ensure mayor's staff and appointments reflect the city's demographics

"Appointments to our boards and commissions, and staffing in the mayor’s office, must reflect the diverse makeup of our city."