Bob Gee is the state desk editor at the Austin American-Statesman.

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Putting Al Green’s comments on impeachment in context

President Donald Trump described U.S. Rep. Al Green's comments on impeachment, but he lacked context.

Fact-checking figures about gun violence in Texas

After seven people were killed by a gunman who opened fire in Midland and Odessa in Texas, a state representative shared a series of tweets about gun violence in Texas. We checked them out.

Fact-checking Club for Growth's attack ad about Beto O'Rourke

El Paso Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who announced Thursday that he is running for president, had been teasing a presidential bid for weeks.

Spotlighting claims by Julián Castro, David Dewhurst and Wendy Davis

Our latest checks of leading Texas Democrats and a Republican spotlight inaccurate -- or, at least, incomplete -- accounts of what happened when state lawmakers gathered in 2011.