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MLK, Romney and the GOP

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been central to two fact checks.  

PolitiFact Texas turns 3

The Austin American-Statesman's Texas-centric venture in fact-checking political figures just turned three.

UPDATED: Ron Paul claim about popularity of gold standard No. 7 reader favorite

Ron Paul's flawed claim about a poll and the gold standard landed him in our top 10 reader favorite fact-checks of 2012 for a second time.

Obama’s flawed claim about Romney and Arizona’s immigration law

What twice we rated False in Texas remained so when Barack Obama said it (again) in New York.

Checking claims about “cocaine constable” and his “incarcerated” challenger

A Travis County runoff features competing the-other-guy-was-a-crook claims.  

Dewhurst revisits “apples to carburetors”

Dewhurst, comparing Border Patrol agents and New York cops, reminds us of a previous time he did so -- which one observer likened to comparing apples and carburetors.

No rating reached on claim about Adan Ballesteros and "cocaine blood money"

An Austin political action committee says Adan Ballesteros, seeking re-election as a constable, accepted "cocaine blood money." We decided this claim cannot be rated.

Perry, Dewhurst and Barack Obama on the links

Rick Perry echoes a Dewhurst claim about Obama's golf outings.

Texas runoffs mean two more months of fact-checks

The top two vote-getters in the Republican U.S. Senate primary — David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz — are headed to a July 31 runoff. And theirs is not the only unsettled contest. That means about 60 additional days for the Truth-O-Meter to weigh candidate claims.

PolitiFact checked more than 30 candidate claims before Texas party primaries

We poked into more than 30 claims by, or about, candidates on the Texas party primary ballots, extending from remarks by U.S. Senate candidates through those by hopefuls for Travis County and Williamson County posts. Reminders dead ahead.