Articles from August, 2007

Clinton fails English exam - twice

Clinton overstates the implications of making English the official U.S. language.

RNC goes after Clinton, Obama on Iraq

The RNC goes on the offensive against the top Democrats on Iraq, but the flip-flop charge against Clinton and Obama just isn't very strong.

Thompson's gun claim low on ammo

He says more guns mean less crime. But the academic research is inconclusive.

Dodd exaggerates influence on Iraq

Dodd says in a TV ad that he persuaded Clinton and Obama to support a March 2008 withdrawal from Iraq. But there's little evidence he was a factor in their decisions.

Romney defense claim misleading

Mitt Romney blames the Clinton administration for shrinking the nation's military. But the shrinkage actually began under President George H.W. Bush.

Romney says McCain flip-flops, too

Mitt Romney sought to deflect the criticism he has faced for his change on abortion by pointing out that Sen. John McCain has changed some positions, too.