McCain overbids on eBay

Summary: The Republicans clashed on taxes, the economy and Iraq during a debate in Dearborn, Mich.

We checked Sen. McCain's claim that 50,000 people make their living by selling things on eBay. As McCain himself said, "a lot of people don't know" this. No kidding. We couldn't find a soul.

The best we could do was a Half-True.

Here are some other items we completed:

* Fred Thompson got his lines wrong. He earns a False for his claim that the Iraq Study Group reported that Saddam Hussein "had designs on reviving his nuclear program." The bipartisan panel said no such thing. We suspect Thompson was referring to another group.

* Rudy Giuliani exaggerated his tax cuts. He said he cut taxes 23 times when he was mayor of New York City, but he's including cuts that others championed. We give him a Half True.