Articles from September, 2007

Giuliani's "culture of life," defined

Giuliani has been an adoption advocate, but now he says that's the same as being an abortion foe.

A Dartmouth numbers game

From the outlandishly wrong to the solidly right.

Romney: turning over the turnaround label

In a rich biography of success, he sometimes overstates his record.

Obama won health care for many

Keeping it simple, Obama's insurance claim is accurate.

Bill on Hillary: She can win anywhere

Bill Clinton's numbers are right, but they don't quite add up

No easy pricetag for Iraq war

A precise figure on the cost of the Iraq war is missing in action.

Huckabee and the pudgy military

Huckabee gets the number right, but it may not mean what it says.

Clinton's health care Rx: many options, fewer specifics

Clinton's health plan is not the "socialism" its critics declare, but it's skimpy on details and relies on optimistic math.

'Dr. No' sometimes votes yes

Ron Paul has the most libertarian voting record in the presidential field, but some of his claims about his record go too far.

Biden's Iraq plan detailed enough to draw praise - and critics

More than a year ago, the Delaware Democrat offered a plan on Iraq. But he's no longer the only one.

Giuliani says a little too much about Democrats and taxes

Democrats and taxes make an easy target for a Republican, but Giuliani can't quite justify his claim for how high taxes would go.

Thompson on his own, 99-1

He's consistently voted against giving the feds authority in state matters — even when it opposes conservative ideals.

Dodd wants to be Kerry

The Connecticut senator likens his low poll numbers to John Kerry's four years ago. But the numbers don't match up.

In Miami, safety in numbers

The Democrats toss around lots of numbers in the Univision debate. They're right about health insurance and the border fence, but miss the mark on NAFTA.

Does Obama practice what he preaches?

The freshman senator calls for bipartisanship. But when he votes, it's nearly always with his party.

Debatable claims in N.H.

In a New Hampshire debate, the GOP candidates discuss immigration, Iraq and chicken dinners for Guantanamo detainees. Some of their facts aren't quite right.

Firing federal workers is difficult

McCain exaggerates when he says firing a federal worker is a "near impossibility." But experts say his broader point is true: Reforms are needed for supervisors to deal effectively with poor performers.

Obama: I'm a magnet for turnout

The Democrat says he can draw black voters and young people to the polls in a big way, but experts have their doubts.

How much credit does Giuliani deserve for fighting crime?

The NYC crime stats look great from his tenure as mayor, but they looked great in a lot of cities.

PolitiFact rocks

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