Articles from August, 2008

Examining Gov. Sarah Palin

John McCain's surprising choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee gives PolitiFact a fresh face. We start by digging into her resume.

Talking hope, on the 50-yard line

In a Denver football stadium, Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. We check his facts.

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We're introducing a mobile version of PolitiFact specially designed for your iPhone.

Stretch the truth? Yes they can

As the Democrats increase their attacks on McCain, they're getting some facts wrong. But McCain and the RNC are also distorting the truth.

Turning up the heat in Denver

Democrats pump up the rhetoric on Day 2 of their convention in Denver.

Mile-high medley

As the Democratic convention gets underway in Denver, we examine claims from Obama, his wife, Michelle, running mate Joe Biden and the party platform.

The mistakes of summer

An analysis of our Truth-O-Meter rulings finds the candidates have been telling more whoppers since summer began.

The Truth-O-Meter on Biden

Joe Biden returns to the main stage as Barack Obama's vice presidential pick. We review his Truth-O-Meter rulings from the Democratic primary and two from his debut on the ticket.

PolitiFact turns 1

We're celebrating two milestones: our first birthday and the publication of our 600th item.

Errors abound in anti-Obama book

The Obama Nation gets a lot wrong and relies on innuendo to make its case.

Did McCain reverse on torture?

Critics claim McCain flip-flopped on torture by voting against a bill to limit CIA tactics, but a review of his statements reveals consistent opposition.

Obama, the flag and the tale of the tail

A chain e-mail is right that Obama replaced an American flag on the tail of his plane with his campaign logo, but the flag was really a corporate logo.

A viewer's guide to the fine print

A spate of recent Obama ads use fine print footnotes to back up attacks on McCain. How much stock should you put in them?

Ghost of Abramoff haunts McCain

McCain has championed his role in bringing lobbyist Jack Abramoff to justice. Now, allegations that McCain is raising money through an Abramoff associate hit hard.

Obama throttles McCain about Harleys

Obama hits McCain in the heart of Harley country with a radio ad that targets McCain's opposition to "Buy American" restrictions.

Obama's return punch misses its mark

An new ad from Obama distorts the details of McCain's tax plans.

The truth about tires

We sort through the Obama tire-pressure controversy and figure out what's true -- and what's not

Twisting the facts on taxes

A new McCain ad bends the truth to argue that Obama will raise taxes.

Obama attack too quick on the draw

The Obama campaign says McCain opposes a new bipartisan energy proposal because it has tax hikes for oil companies. Not so fast there — McCain's crew says he intends to look it over first.

Introducing the Flip-O-Meter

Wondering if a candidate has flip-flopped? Just check our new Flip-O-Meter, which grades whether candidates have made No Flip, a Half Flip — or a Full Flop.

Return of the tax attack chain e-mail!

Just in time for summer, anonymous e-mailers send out a new twist on an old favorite: Barack Obama will raise your taxes! We find numerous inaccuracies.

Of hecklers and heating oil

Obama's town hall focuses on economic issues; protesters add to the mix.