Articles from February, 2008

Spend-O-Meter vs. Truth-O-Meter, Part II

In November, the Republican National Committee oversimplified the cost of Sen. Hillary Clinton's policy proposals. Now, the RNC does a similarly overstated assessment of Sen. Barack Obama's plans.

Mistakes on the lake

In the Cleveland showdown between the Democrats, Obama and Clinton get fast and loose with the facts. We find Clinton is right about Obama's committee work but is wrong that he wants to bomb Pakistan.

Unpacking the home mortgage plans

Sen. Hillary Clinton has promoted her plan to address the foreclosure crisis with various freezes, but she sometimes leaves crucial details out of her public comments. Sen. Barack Obama, meanwhile, takes aim at the inflated rhetoric and misses.

Obama bashes Clinton on NAFTA

Barack Obama charges Hillary Clinton with flip-flopping on NAFTA. He repeats a false detail, while getting the big picture right.

PolitiFact named top news site

PolitiFact has been named the "Best Overall Newspaper Web Site" in the Newspaper Association of America Digital Edge awards.

FACT SHEET: Clinton. Obama. Votes.

The top Democrats offer competing visions of leadership, but their voting records are nearly identical.

Texas Two-Step

The Democratic debate in Austin was a polite affair. But we found plenty of facts to check.

McCain sings off tune

The senator who sang "bomb Iran" claims that Barack Obama wants to bomb Pakistan. We find McCain is distorting Obama's remarks and give the Arizona Republican our Pants On Fire rating.

Adding up Clinton's 35-year claim

The New York senator often boasts of 35 years in politics. We do the math and find one of her claims is way off, but that her general point about political experience is largely accurate.

Clinton's not-so-radical past

A chain e-mail says Clinton sympathized with the Black Panthers and interned for a law firm run by a Communist. The source? An article by Clinton adviser-turned-foe Dick Morris.

5 conservative concerns about McCain

Attacks by conservatives became so sharp last week that Sen. John McCain asked for a cease-fire. Here's a look at why they're unhappy and what PolitiFact has said about their complaints.

Obama's "present" tension

When he was in the Illinois state senate, Barack Obama sometimes voted to block bills without formally opposing them, which has raised questions of political expedience.

When presidents play politics

Bill Clinton inaccurately defends his own statements from the campaign trail, while George W. Bush takes a questionable shot at Barack Obama.

Hope . . . and the facts

In a Virginia speech, Barack Obama said polls show he could beat John McCain by 6 points. We find he's right about the polls, but wrong about gas prices and he misstates what Hillary Clinton's said about a bankruptcy bill.

FACT SHEET: Endorsements

Clinton has the endorsement of Jack Nicholson. McCain has Sylvester Stallone. Ron Paul is backed by a late-night radio personality named Waldo. We examine the endorsements of each candidate.

The Obama abortion debate

Obama's "present" votes on abortion in the Illinois senate become fodder for Clinton attacks.

Super scramble

In the final hours before Super Tuesday, the candidates traded charges on everything from the economy to political pork. We examined their claims and found they were largely correct.

Obama: Clinton too much like McCain

At the heart of a speech promoting his own candidacy, Obama charges that Clinton and McCain are too much alike at a time when Democrats need to present a clear distinction.