Articles from July, 2008

McCain's Airbus ties

A new attack ad goes after McCain's role in a lucrative defense contract being awarded to a European company over an American competitor.

Here's a Wild one for you

Obama challenges McCain to a duel on taxes, noting he just may be related to legendary frontier lawman Wild Bill Hickok. We step back 60 paces and fire the truth.

Obama's no-win pickle of a problem

Visit wounded troops in Germany and have it painted as a campaign stunt? Or cancel, but leave yourself open to attack?

E-mail targets Obama's Afghan stop

Here's a shocker: Another chain e-mail proves inaccurate. This time, it's an American soldier slamming Obama's visit to Bagram Air Base.

McCain's slippery statement on oil

McCain puts a positive spin on reality with his comments about oil-drilling and hurricanes.

'Both ways Barack'?

A new TV ad from the conservative group Let Freedom Ring renews the charge that Obama is a flip-flopper. We check the facts.

Obama's muddle about the middle

The Obama campaign is exaggerating with its claim that McCain's tax plan offers nothing for the middle class.

Obama ballyhoos Afghan stance

Obama goes abroad to tout the wisdom of his policy. We stay home and check his facts.

Foreign Policy Fusillade!

McCain unleashes multiple attacks on foreign policy on the eve of Obama's overseas trip.

Was that Clinton? Or Chester Arthur?

A recent Obama claim got us thinking about issues that always pop up in State of the Union addresses. Test your knowledge here!

Immigration Rx or poison pill?

It's an issue the two candidates appear to agree on for the most part, but Obama and McCain have traded charges that the other sold out.

Fiorina's factual dysfunction

McCain adviser Carly Fiorina trips up the Truth-O-Meter when she says many health insurance plans cover Viagra but not birth control. Her candidate trips on the subject, too.

The campaign goes nuclear

We look at an ad that touts Obama's nuclear record and a chain e-mail that slams it.

Obama's wiretapping flip-flop? Yes

This week starts with another flip-flop charge from the McCain camp: that Obama reversed course on warrantless wiretapping.

Creative editing twists McCain's comments on Iraq

An ad from the DNC claims McCain is all over the map on Iraq. We find the ad leaves important context on the cutting room floor.

Obama's Iraq flip-flop? Nope

Some charge Obama with changing positions on withdrawal from Iraq; we cull through the record and find he has been consistent.

The Guard is strained, but so are Obama's facts

Sen. Barack Obama used this summer's Midwest flooding to illustrate his point that the Guard and Reserves are overtaxed. Good point, bad example.

Bogus Dowd column spreads quickly

Blogs and chain e-mails are spreading a Maureen Dowd column that claims the Obama campaign got suspicious contributions from Iran, Saudi Arabia and China. But the column is a fake.

Rattling sabers at Iran

Sen. McCain has been clear about the threat posed by Iran, but it's the experts aren't so sure.

Focus on flip-flops: the McCain edition

It's easy to say a candidate flip-flops. But does he? We look at the various claims against John McCain.

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When McCain was in charge

We examine Wesley Clark's claim that McCain has no executive experience and find that McCain does – and earned high marks.