Articles from June, 2008

Nader on the attack

Trying to generate some attention for his longshot presidential bid, consumer advocate Ralph Nader shoots at the leaders.

Obama's birth certificate: Final chapter

Since we published Obama's birth certificate, questions about its authenticity have been frequent and fierce. After reviewing the evidence, we're confident in our rulings.

The Truth-O-Meter at 500

As Politifact celebrates a milestone – our 500th Truth-O-Meter item – we discuss some of the patterns and trends we've seen.

Rhetoric doesn't pay the bills

Obama says his domestic programs are 'paid for,' but to do that he's making a few assumptions.

Flipping and flopping

Biden defends Obama by saying McCain changes positions, too. Yes, but not much on Iraq.

Send us your mail!

Got an interesting campaign mailing you'd like us to check? Or a chain e-mail you're wondering about? We'd love to see any mailings you have received – snail-mail or e-mail. Just click here to tell us about them.

Obama's first ad hits patriotic note

Now his party's nominee, Obama touts love of country in his new ad. It gets his points on taxes and welfare largely right. A third claim on veterans health benefits is less clear.

Greatest Hits Vol. 2

To mark our 500th Truth-O-Meter ruling, PolitiFact staffers name their favorites.

Mix 'n match creditors with causes

We take apart popular notions on foreign debt and oil imports. Economists say the relationship is complicated.

McCain's drilling won't dent gas prices

McCain cites today's high gas prices in his pitch for more offshore drilling. But even experts who support the drilling say it won't reduce prices any time soon.

Is Obama a liberal?

McCain and other Republicans cite a National Journal rating to claim that Obama is the Senate's No. 1 liberal. But other measurements tell a different story.

Obama's birth certificate (Really!)

For months we've been asking for a birth certificate to sort out rumors about Obama's real name. Confirmed by the state of Hawaii, here it is.

You call that a tax increase?

Taxes are scheduled to go up in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire. If the next president lets that happen, is he raising taxes?

E-mails twist context of Obama's memoir

Anonymous e-mailers make hay, getting quotes wrong or out of context. We give you the skinny in case Dreams from My Father isn't in your beach bag.

Rate the Truth-O-Meter

This week, PolitiFact is featured on NewsTrust, a Web site that allows you to rate news coverage.

McCain's nuclear argument

Sen. John McCain is a staunch proponent of nuclear power, saying it's key to reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

With friends like these.....

Fidel Castro tempered his criticism of Sen. Barack Obama with a few kind words, which thrilled Florida Republicans a bit too much.

Escaping Bush's gravitational pull

An unpopular president and two candidates from the Senate create a host of strange-bedfellow problems in this presidential race.

Clinton vs. the Truth-O-Meter

In this column, PolitiFact editor Bill Adair traces the Clinton campaign through our Truth-O-Meter rulings. The turning point was Bosnia.

Obama skips public financing

Obama once said his contributor network was akin to public financing. We said....