Articles from May, 2008

Digging up dirt on Michelle Obama

E-mailers go after Sen. Barack Obama by digging into his wife's college years. They take Michelle Obama's senior thesis and add their own fabrication.

Visiting Iraq

McCain and Obama see Iraq differently, but the argument now is over who has seen Iraq the most.

Obama's Auschwitz error

In recounting a World War II story about his uncle, Obama named the wrong concentration camp, but we found other details were correct. His uncle saw the horrors of the Holocaust.

Clinton's calendar miscalculation

History is not on Sen. Hillary Clinton's side with references to '92, '68 elections.

Caution: Lobbyists on the loose!

Obama bashes McCain on the influence issue. He's right, but McCain has a long record of reform.

More on MoveOn and McCain

We check two more items from an e-mail sent out from targeting John McCain. This time on housing and torture.

Obama would keep his enemies closer

In what looks to be the new political wedge of this campaign, John McCain and Barack Obama exchange fire on the issue of presidential-level diplomacy.

Obama, McCain misfire on vets benefits

The Obama and McCain campaigns exchanged fire on veterans issues, and neither struck the truth.

McCain and the sinister ministers

Evangelicals John Hagee and Rod Parsley are supporting John McCain. withholds its blessing.

It's not the Clinton you think

"Clinton pastor" convicted of child sex abuse, says a newspaper Web site and a posting on an Obama campaign blog. It's a recipe for outrage.

Was McCain born in the USA?

The senator's birth overseas in a military zone raises a vexing question about whether he's eligible to be president. Since the issue rests on legal opinions, we'll explain the arguments but skip the Truth-O-Meter.

A terrorist endorsement for Obama?

John McCain says Hamas has endorsed Barack Obama. We find it's not an official endorsement, but it's certainly effusive praise.

Candidates get back to health

Sen. John McCain's new health care plan brings the issue back in focus for the presidential candidates. We check three new claims.

By request: keeping count

We've made a few improvements to PolitiFact. For the first time, we're providing a tally of our ratings for each candidate and group.

Polled position: gas taxes and supercars

The gas tax won't save you much and supercars will have to wait. Why can't there be an easy answer for sticker shock at the pump?

Even missionaries botch their facts

The latest scurrilous e-mail about Barack Obama has real-live authors, Christian missionaries in Africa, but they're no better with the truth than anonymous bloggers.

Clinton's long haul on foreclosures

Clinton — and Obama — spoke up early on mortgage problems.