Articles from October, 2008


We mark the final weekend of the campaign by highlighting some of our favorite Pants on Fire ratings from the past year.

Is McCain within margin of error?

McCain claims he's "within the margin of error," but that's true only for the Fox poll.

Prime-time promises

We check the facts on Obama's 30-minute prime-time ad buy.

Castro on McCain and "the rifle lady"

With an eye on Cuban-American voters in Florida, John McCain claims Fidel Castro is no fan.

Sorting out the truth on the economy

This wraps up our series on key issues of the presidential election. This time, the economy.

Mock Lobster!

A chain e-mail passes on a phony receipt for a lobster lunch.

Invoking the red menace

The McCain campaign went from tiptoeing around allegations that Obama is a socialist, to outright calling him one.

Obama's Rezko connection

We sort out the controversy over Obama's longtime fundraiser.

Sorting out the truth on national security

This is Part 5 of our series on key issues of the presidential election. This time, national security.

Tips and tricks for using PolitiFact

In the final hours before election day, we provide some inside tips on how to find what you want on PolitiFact.

Adding up Obama's tax calculator

We look at a tax calculator created by the Obama campaign and evaluate its accuracy.

Truth-O-Meter, meet Truth Invaders

A frustrated game designer and a volunteer staff have turned PolitiFact and items into a game of Space Invaders. Pull up a browser and blast your way to the truth.

Did Obama balk on Series?

It was no bench-clearing brawl, but McCain claims Obama flip-flopped on who he's rooting for.

Tax cuts for 95 percent? A closer look

So how many people don't pay taxes? We answer that question and more.

Sorting out the truth on Obama, ACORN

McCain and the GOP link Obama and ACORN, but the connection seems more partisan then perilous.

Estimating Joe the Plumber's tax bill

Would plumbers get a tax increase under Obama's plan? If they clear more than $250,000 in profits, yes.

A debate about Joe the Plumber

In their final debate, Obama and McCain spar about whose policies would be better for Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber. We find mistakes by both.

Sorting out the truth on health care

This is Part 4 of our series on key issues of the presidential election. We'll distill the candidates' positions and examine key rulings. This time, health care.

A radical Ayers allegation

The McCain campaign ratchets up its attempt to connect Barack Obama to former '60s radical William Ayers.

"Born alive" votes fuel abortion fight

The abortion issue plays out in dueling ads.

No maverick cred for Obama

Still fighting to be the candidate who can deliver change, McCain accuses Obama of being too cozy with his party leaders.

Off key in Music City

McCain and Obama tangle in Nashville. We check their claims and find some truth . . . and some stretching.

Campaigns dig into the archives to attack

The race is tight and the campaigns are digging deeper for the dirt.

We're honored

PC World names PolitiFact one of "The 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites."

Sorting out the truth on energy

In our latest installment of our series on key issues, we distill the candidates' positions and examine our key rulings.

Hooey in St. Louie

The candidates for vice president meet in St. Louis. We check their facts.

Tonight: Follow our debate coverage on Twitter

Watching the debate? You can follow our coverage on Twitter.

Victim in rape ad not from Palin's town

A new TV ad from Planned Parenthood against Sarah Palin includes a rape victim. But she is not from Wasilla.