Articles from April, 2009

Wash your hands!

It turns out that Obama — and our mothers! — are right: Washing hands really does slow the spread of disease.

Sorting out the truth on 'aggressive interrogation'

We examine whether Sen. Lindsey Graham is right about the Geneva Conventions and alleged terrorists, and whether Newt Gingirch flip-flopped on the issue.

First 100 Days: Obama's two biggest promises

We conclude our 100-day coverage by selecting Obama's most significant promises — one Kept and one Broken.

Oops! White House transcript misses key word

It looks like Robert Gibbs said Obama never taught constitutional law. But we go to the videotape and find Gibbs had it right and the transcript was wrong.

First 100 Days: Obama and the big picture

By marrying much of his domestic agenda to the economic stimulus plan, Obama used the urgency of the financial crisis to pass many of his ideas. But others have stalled.

First 100 Days: Obama's Promises Broken

After yesterday's look at the promises President Barack Obama has kept, we now examine the promises he has broken.

First 100 Days: Obama's Promises Kept

Today, we examine the promises President Barack Obama has kept. Tomorrow: the ones he's broken.

The Obama White House vs. the Truth-O-Meter

In his first 100 days, Obama hasn't earned a Pants on Fire. But he and other top administration officials have gotten several things wrong.

PolitiFact wins Pulitzer

Our coverage of the 2008 election wins the award for national reporting. The editor of a Tennessee newspaper calls it the "most important Pulitzer this year."

Special 100-day coverage

We've created a special page to help you assess President Barack Obama's first 100 days.  

Sorting out the truth about guns in Mexico

President Barack Obama and other administration officials say 90 percent of guns in Mexico come from the United States. But some caveats are in order.

A tax cut for seniors? Promise broken

Obama promised to eliminate income taxes for seniors earning less than $50,000. But there's been no action and he didn't even mention it in a Tax Day speech.

President Obama's promises: the Top 25

As Obama nears the 100th day of his presidency, we select the 25 most significant promises and review where they stand on our Obameter.

A shift in Cuba policy

Obama lifts travel restrictions for Americans with relatives in Cuba, fulfilling Promise No. 222.

Promise Kept: A puppy for Sasha and Malia

The Obamas choose a dog with a good Democratic pedigree (a gift from the Kennedys)

Checking the pundits

We examine claims by pundits and talk show hosts and find Rachel Maddow was wrong about Sarah Palin, that George Washington didn't speak of God the way Rush Limbaugh claimed, and that George Will was right about troubled assets.

Obama pledges electronic health records for vets

To keep a campaign promise, the president launches a coordinated program for "seamless" records to follow troops from the military to the VA.

The new defense budget: Fancy fighters out. More troops in.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates tries to put a fork in the F-22. Will Congress agree?

Obama's overseas travel sets off the Obameter

Obama makes progress on nuclear arms negotiations, but also he gets a Promise Broken on the Armenian genocide.

Mailbag: 'Compromise' ratings get readers riled

The latest mailbag finds readers who don't like compromise, a few who do, and a bit of fan mail.

E-mail distorts Daschle comment on seniors

By simply moving a quotation mark, a chain e-mail distorts a comment from the former senator.

If you're a smoker, Obama raised your taxes

Our readers ask for an accounting on a new cigarette tax. We add a promise and rate it Compromise.

Distorting Geithner's comments about the dollar

A Minnesota congresswoman suggests incorrectly that the treasury secretary wants to dump the dollar.