Articles from August, 2009

Summertime blues

We check Newt Gingrich's claim on Obama's poll standings and find the former House speaker is right that only two presidents had lower approval ratings.

Books: 'Policy and Evidence in a Partisan Age: The Great Disconnect'

A book by Paul Gary Wyckoff

Rush claims Obama 'wants to mandate circumcision'

We examine the latest claim from the talk show host and find he's ridiculously wrong.

'Public plan' for health care draws more distortions

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite sends out a taxpayer-funded mailing on health reform. We put it to the Truth-O-Meter.

'Rationing' and other scare words in health debate

Opponents of the health care reform bills in Congress have unleashed a slew of scare words into the debate.

Obama wrong again about obesity savings

The president repeats a falsehood that we debunked in the campaign.

The truth, 1,000 times

PolitiFact celebrates two milestones: our 1,000th Truth-O-Meter item and our 2nd birthday.

A second opinion on death totals for the uninsured

We revisit our July ruling on a claim by Rep. Bill Pascrell and find another study contradicts his claim.

We add the public option to the Obameter

The public option is hot now, but during the campaign it was rarely discussed.

Chiropractor ditches patient over chain e-mail

When facts are in dispute, sparks fly.

Pregnancy a 'pre-existing condition'? Yes, for some

The AMA president says insurers in the individual market call pregnancy a pre-existing condition. He's right.

Mailbag: The Twitter edition

We RT the feedback from Twitter, where messages are limited to 140 characters.

If you can't beat 'em . . . join 'em!

Obama adviser David Axelrod creates his own chain e-mail to combat the e-mails from opponents of health care reform.

Health care reform: A simple explanation

We've knocked down a lot of false claims about the health bill, telling you what it's not . Here we take time out to tell you what it is .

The Truth-O-Meter on health care: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

With so many claims and counterclaims, we choose our 10 most significant Truth-O-Meter items.

Romancing AARP

The president says the group endorses his health plan. But it's not that simple.

Obama faces a town hall ... and the Truth-O-Meter

We check two statements from President Obama's town hall in Portsmouth, N.H. We find he's right about coverage for janitors but exaggerating whether you can keep your health plan.

Palin 'death panel' claim sets Truth-O-Meter ablaze

Palin spins a dystopian scenario where the elderly and disabled must petition for care. But that's not part of any actual health care legislation.

Abortion and the health care reform bill

Critics say the bill would lead to taxpayer-subsidized abortions and abortions at school health clinics. We find that's not true.

A new health plan distortion

A Club for Growth ad likens U.S. health care reform to a plan in Britain and suggests people will be allowed to die if their treatment costs more than $22,000. We find that's not true.

Our latest guide to the health care distortions

Wondering if the health care reform proposals would require counseling to tell seniors how to end their lives sooner? We've got the answers.

Obama's Hoosier math

The president flubs the number of households receiving tax cuts in Indiana.

Malkin earns Half True for unemployment claim

The columnist says a Clinton official has written that unemployment benefits can prolong unemployment. She's right that he wrote that -- nearly 20 years ago.

Is Big Brother snooping on Cash for Clunkers site?

On Glenn Beck's show, Fox anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle claims the site gives government complete access to your home computer.